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I’m a firm believer that teaching people troubleshooting techniques, how to read and understand documentation, and how to troubleshoot on their own will set them up for success later on, especially when they learn to code. 6. Build, break and fix things. One of the best teachers and mentors I’ve ever had, he taught me that in order to understand how to code, you need to build, break and fix things. For me, this manifests itself in computational thinking. Teaching students how to understand a problem and build on concepts and techniques they’ve already learned, to solve that problem and see if they can iterate on it, is extremely valuable. Computational thinking includes: breaking down a problem into parts or steps, recognizing and finding patterns or trends.

Developing instructions to solve a problem or steps in a task, and finally generalizing those patterns and trends into rules, principles, or insights. You may also in: Shopify Partner Academy Announcement: A Certification Program to Help. Techniques Uganda WhatsApp Number List for classes, workshops and individuals teaching coding: techniques Depending on the situation or context, there will be more appropriate techniques to teach new programming concepts. I have included what I believe to be the three main techniques for teaching these concepts in different situations. project-based learning Project-based learning is ideal for long-term workshops and full courses.

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The initial goal of the workshop or course will be to complete a project.  And all the concepts and exercises taught lend themselves to building that final project. You can see an example of this in the Ladies Learning Code for HTML and CSS workshop. Or in any of Codecademy’s project-based courses. Exercises that build Exercises that build on each other are a great. Teaching technique for short workshops, talks, but can also be woven into longer workshops. An example of this is presenting a concept and an exercise that requires.  A  technique that has just been taught. The next exercise builds on that by adding additional features or concepts learned later, but still incorporates parts of the first.


This helps with repetition (which is great for remembering syntax), but also for the student to break concepts into parts and apply them in a new context. A student needs to understand a concept to be able to do this, which is different than just copying and pasting, or following live code. animation shop in Free Slideshow with Shopify Themes A few weeks ago, I gave a workshop in Bristol, England at Web Dev Conf on Shopify Theming. I have included the slides from that workshop as they provide good examples of exercises that build on each other. Download workshop slides paired programming Pair programming is a learning technique that we often use at Shopify.

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Pair programming is when two people code together to solve a problem. There must be a “driver” and a “navigator”; the “driver” writes the code and owns the computer and the keyboard. The “browser” keeps things in order, sees the big picture, and provides continuous code review. Between both parties, these roles can change throughout a pair programming session. And it is important that the “navigator” leaves room for the “driver.  To solve a problem and not take control. Pair programming is particularly useful when new employees .  And someone with more experience is often the “navigator. It can also be used as an interview technique to get a better idea of ​​a candidate’s skill level.  The type of questions he asks, how he thinks, and how he solves problems.

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