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The different contents that are attacking the same keyword. Via the site command thanks to the help of google. You can manually detect possible duplication of content at a glance. You just have to type in the search engine the command site: domain of your website and then include the keyword you want to search for. Thus. Google will show all the pages indexed for this search intent. With google search console thanks to search console. We can find both different content that ranks for the same keyword and verify relevant metrics when making decisions to solve possible seo cannibalizations. For it: access google search console and choose the performance panel. Create a new filter. Select “query” and choose “queries containing”. Include the keyword as a search filter and access the pages tab.

Visualize the different  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers  contents that the application provides as a result for that keyword. Thanks to search console and the metrics it returns. We can make decisions to solve a keyword cannibalization problem. Using a payment tool if you have an online store or a very large web page. Doing this process manually is practically unfeasible. Thanks to paid seo tools. Such as semrush. Sistrix or ahrefs. You will be able to discover possible cannibalizations automatically. How to solve an seo cannibalization? You have verified that your website has fallen into keyword cannibalization. But what can you do to repair it? Let’s see 4 possible solutions: use long tail keywords. Create content for each search intent. Use 301 redirects. Use the canonical tag. Let’s look at each of these actions in more detail.

Use Long Tail Keywords

the long tail keywords -or long tail words- are perfect to attract users who carry out a more specific search. Therefore. Using them is beneficial both to attract higher quality traffic and to avoid possible seo cannibalization. On the other hand. Playing with the internal linking to avoid duplication is vital. Imagine you have two items: what is a podcast? How to make money with a podcast. Both attack the same keyword. But thanks to internal linking you can tell them apart. For example. You can link to the first article when talking about the podcast as a communication channel. And to the second when specifying how to monetize a podcast. Easy. Right? Create content for each search intent carrying out a good content strategy that includes an in-depth keyword analysis is key to avoiding possible duplication of content.

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This way you can allocate a url for a single content. Creating higher quality articles and avoiding semantic duplications. Use 301 redirects on many occasions. When detecting an seo cannibalization. We must carry out a content restructuring. That is. Keep the url that works best and make a redirection of the rest of the pages that compete for the same intention towards it. To do this. You just have to: check which of these pages has better results. Complete the content of said page the rest hosted on the other pages that position for the same keyword. Thus. We create a single url with a complete content. Of higher quality. We carry out 301 redirects from the pages that have the worst results to the most relevant one. Use the canonical tag the canonical tag allows search engines to signal which page is the most relevant to a search intent.

Of Course We Must

Bear in mind that. Unlike 301 redirects. The tag does not transfer authority to the page that we label as such. In other words. In the eyes of search engines it is simply a recommendation. The use of the canonical tag is especially common in ecommerce to avoid semantic duplications and. Even so. Show the different variants of a product. On the contrary. In a blog. A 301 redirection would be chosen to avoid keyword cannibalization. How to avoid seo cannibalization carrying out an seo audit periodically and before creating an editorial calendar and consulting web analytics tools are essential tasks when it comes to avoiding keyword cannibalization. And it is that. Although there are exceptions. These happen very rarely and. In general. Avoiding this duplication should be a priority in your seo positioning strategy. Creating content consciously.

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