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This technique will make it stay centered no matter.  What the screen size is, and it’s relative to the second section. So depending on whether your header, .separatorand sectionthey are on their own div, it will still work. The great thing about this design is that it draws attention to specific products without detracting from the product itself. Please note that to do this, the product image must be a transparent PNG with the background removed to achieve the same desired effect. Also, I would only recommend doing this for a few featured products on your client’s site, and not all products (especially if you have a large inventory). You may also be interested in: Web design experts share their tips for attracting your next client.

In nature I want to end this post with a great example of non-rectangular headers used in a Shopify store. Super Team Deluxe doesn’t just use non-rectangular headers. But they go a step further and employ similar shapes Czechia B2B List throughout their site, such as in the header logo, cart popup, and footer. It adds a joy that suits your brand and your products. Header Design: Wild The Shopify Super Team Deluxe store uses non-rectangular headers, in this case diagonal curves, to create a fun and playful experience that matches your brand and products. try something new One thing to keep in mind when using non-rectangular headers is that there are many applications and techniques.

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There is no “one way” or “right way” to implement non-rectangular headers. Depending on your design, you need to research and test. As developers, we should always think about performance and browser compatibility when implementing flourishes like this in projects. Don’t be afraid to use declarations supports, if what you want to achieve isn’t possible in older browsers, you can make your beautiful layouts appear only in newer browsers if you wish. Don’t forget that Black Friday Cyber ​​​​Monday is coming, why not try something fun and surprise customers? In the end, it’s up to you as a designer or developer to try new things and push your designs forward, the possibilities are endless! Thirsty for more knowledge about non-rectangular headers?


Check out these additional resources: Ultimate Guide to Non-Rectangular Headers — Ahmad Nassri Attached repository with performance tests and technique breakdown. Creating Non-Rectangular Headers – Erik Kennedy CSS Tricks What do you think of non-rectangular headers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below! This can be especially true from an e-commerce perspective, where specific actions need to be carried out with ease. User testing is crucial to ensure that visitors can perform tasks on your site. This applies both to searching for information on return and shipping policies, and to purchasing products. Using heuristics to review your site is a great way to judge whether your site really is as functional as it seems.

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Rethink how sites should feel As we have seen, brutalist web design is increasing in popularity, and it will be fascinating to see how designers will put their own spin on established design patterns. By rethinking how sites should look and feel, developers can create new experiences for customers. Pascal Deville puts it best when he says: “Ignore the rules to think of something unexpected. But to do it, you have to know the rules.” Are you already creating bold and daring stores? Show us your design skills in this year’s Shopify Commerce Awards app for Best Storytelling Through UX If you recently completed a trading project that shows off your experimental X skills, we want to hear from you!

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