What You Must

Know Before Starting

To open a blog, you need to set a domain name so that your blog. Can have an address, and you need to purchase a hosting package to store and publish your content .

In order for a blog or a website to Colombia Phone Numbers exist, its name must be registered. For this process. Called buying a domain, you need to find a domain to be register. That is, a name that will create the address of your block. Before deciding on a name for your blog, what is a Domain? How Do We Choose the Right Domain? We recommend that you read our article.

When your potential readers see your blog’s name, it’s important to have an idea of ​​what it’s about.

For this reason, your interests, hobbies or experiences you want to publish on the blog; should wave from the words you will include in the name of your blog 🙂

If you want a personal blog where you want to write on many different topics , it is also recommended to use your own name.


When you type the domain name you have specified in the domain inquiry bar that appears above and press the query button; You will be greeted with a screen like the one below, where your domain name is listed with different extensions and there are registration or transfer buttons:

For alternative domains in your mind, make inquiries with the tool above and clarify the available domain name. Don’t make the purchase yet, just clarify your domain name at this stage!

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Let’s Come To The Topic 

 which means renting the area where the content of your site will be stor on advanc computers call servers , is a service that you must receive in order to broadcast your blog uninterruptedly.

Hosting companies offer; It is important that you choose one of the hosting packages, which differ according to features such as storage space, RAM, CPU, security certificate, backup, in line with your website needs. Usually 1 GB of RAM (memory) and 1 or 2 CPUs (processor) is sufficient for blogs.

 They are very affordable options for blogs because many websites are host on the same server and server resources are share.

You can switch to another hosting package as your traffic and needs of your site increase over time.

We can briefly touch on the last step, which tool you will use to manage the content of your blog, and move on to explain the steps required to become a blog owner with screenshots:


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