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About getting a series of partners to drive more buyers to your website? At hotmart it is possible. We are the largest network of digital products affiliates in latin america! And the doors are open to you. Are you ready to use the perfect tool for your business? We are committed to creating the world’s best platform for digital sellers. If you work with digital products. Come with us and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team ! Digital makers – episode 1: fernando oliveira 10/28/2015 by hotmart reading time 1 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp hotmart has always been a company committed to helping and encouraging people to explore the world of opportunities available in digital entrepreneurship.

For this reason. We created an incredible project that aims to show the result of this investment. In addition to sharing with our users several successful cases originated within our platform. We are proud to present digital makers stories of digital entrepreneurs who decided to explore new paths to create their own future! To inaugurate this series. Today we will tell the story of fernando. An engineer who changed his career to stand out selling craft courses on the internet. Graduated in engineering. Fernando had a good job and traveled to several countries around the world for work. After an unexpected opportunity.

He Decided To

Quit his job to run a blog about crafts he had made Honduras cell phone numbers with a friend. Today he looks for partners who develop a different craft to create courses. Which he promotes with the help of his team in his office. Watch the video to learn more about this story: did you like the video? Subscribe to our channel by clicking here ! ;d it is to tell stories like fernando’s that we are launching this project. Which aims to show a little of the trajectory of these great entrepreneurs who make their own path together with hotmart! How hotmart. The market leader in the commercialization of digital products.

Honduras cell phone numbers

Came about 01/09/2015 by monique soares reading time 0 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp man in the arena episode # 092 (videocast about entrepreneurship and digital culture presented by leo kuba . Miguel cavalcanti and in hsieh ) is a chat with joão pedro resende . Co-founder and ceo of hotmart . Watch and see what he talks about how to build a company with a strong culture and how to bring startups and digital marketing together . “jp” holds a degree in computer science from puc-mg. With an mba from fgv. He started online as a gamer and opened a mobile application company in 2004. In 2010 he founded hotmart and in 2011 he directly participated in the creation of the startup hub in the belo horizonte region.

Known As San Pedro Valley

Want to see more amazing interviews and cases? Security key – another hotmart security measure for you! Why is hotmart the safest platform to market your digital products? Among numerous measures. Learn more about our security key! 08/12/2015 by hotmart reading time 1 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp in the image. Padlock. Learn the importance of a security key for your digital business. In order to further enhance the security of all users. We have just implemented a new security measure within the platform. From now on. Whenever you change your bank details on the platform.

It will be mandatory to confirm your password and your security key (code that will be sent to your email at the time of request). With this new security measure. We seek to prevent your data from being changed without your consent or permission . Take the opportunity to check if your bank details are according to your preference! Oh. And never save your password in your browser if you share your computer with other people. Tips to increase your account security in addition to having hotmart’s security measures. You also need to take extra care to protect your account!

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