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with your friends at the bar when a disagreement spirals out of control; in a meeting with a client when two parties face each other; when you find yourself in the middle of a healthy debate. A good facilitator is someone who can read the room. They are socially intelligent and able to put a completely different group of people at ease. Facilitators should be able to say to the noise makers in the group, “What a great idea. Let’s hear from (insert name of calmest person) now.” A facilitator should also be neutral: they are not participants in the session and should only synthesize ideas, not contribute their own ideas. This is very difficult for some people. Your job as a facilitator is to get other people’s ideas, not your own.

To improve your facilitation skills, Luc recommends volunteering, introducing yourself to strangers, attending Toastmasters, and finding opportunities to get up on stage and speak. By making these public moments less scary, he’ll develop the confidence to be the calming force in the brainstorming room. You may also like: 6 places to find design Honduras B2B List inspiration early in your process. The brainstorming process brainstorming process To ensure optimal results from your brainstorming session, let all attendees know as soon as possible so they can block free time on their calendars. Consider passing out an agenda ahead of time so people know how their time will be spent and present them with the main question you’ll be looking to answer so they can prepare some ideas ahead of time and get to work.

Start With Silence

Once everyone gets to the room, this is what the day should look like: Break the ice The best ideas are not necessarily the most talked about. Arguably the most important element of your brainstorming process should include making sure everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts. The best ideas are not necessarily the most talked about. If not everyone in the room knows each other, be sure to do a round of introductions early on. “My favorite question to warm everyone up is, ‘Tell me the story of your worst haircut,’” says Luc. “Everyone always has a good one.” Establish rules of engagement After everyone is familiar with it, it is important to decide on the ground rules. This should be determined as a group and should describe how everyone agrees to behave.


Examples of brainstorming rules might include: No idea is stupid. Postpone criticism. Feel free to ask questions for clarification, but wait until the team decides whether to delve into that particular idea to provide constructive feedback. No solutions. Avoid solution focus in the early stages of brainstorming, just focus on the problem. You don’t have to raise your hand to speak, but make sure you don’t interrupt anyone. No phones or laptops. Your team can set any rules that you think will help your particular brainstorming process. The facilitator should write them down and keep them in a conspicuous place so that they can be consulted when or if someone breaks one of those rules. start with silence I’ve mentioned groupthink and people not feeling comfortable enough to talk. A great way to mitigate both of these issues is to start with silenc.

Design Beach Ball

solo brainstorming where each individual writes all their ideas on sticky notes. This concept has been called “brainwriting” and studies have shown that this particular brainstorming process generates 20% more ideas and 42% more original ideas compared to traditional brainstorming groups. If you’re running a design sprint, sketching ideas can also work with this method. In fact, even if it’s not a design sprint, sometimes pictures are more compelling than words when it comes to explaining a concept to someone, so play with both. Luc recommends that this solo period, or “sticky storm,” only last about three minutes. Be sure to use a stopwatch to make sure you stay on track. As people jot down their ideas, the facilitator can start collecting those sticky notes and start grouping them into themes and concepts on the whiteboard or blank wall.

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