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You may also  Shopify opens its platform to developers with new sales channel SDK.  However, Recommended apps for technology customers Having the right functionality for your client’s stores can be crucial to achieving your goals. However, Using apps can help provide this functionality. Avoiding the cost of building a custom solution from scratch.  And help your customers maximize their online visibility. With this in mind, here are some apps that will give your customers the biggest advantage when selling consumer electronics. SEO Manager Work with technology clients. Given the large number of online e-retailers.  It is crucial to stand out from the crowd. However, And having an SEO strategy will help merchants increase their visibility in search engines.

SEO Manager is the go-to app for many Shopify merchants.  However, And gives their customers control over how Google interprets each page of their store. This app allows basic metadata editing as well as more advanced features like Dominica B2B List  blocking.  Google from indexing specific pages and handling 404 errors.  JSON-LD for SEO Work with technology clients. JSON-LD is data that to.  A web page to provide search engines like Google with specific information about a page. This allows Google to index pages more efficiently.  And allows its clients to indicate exactly what information.  Will appear in their search results. The JSON-LD for SEO.  Application allows merchants to present their product details directly in search results.

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so customers can easily see what kind of features an electronic product might have. 3. Lucky Orange Work with technology clients. Having a well-designed and intuitively store will lead to higher conversions.  But how exactly can you see where the design can for real-life visitors? Lucky Orange records how visitors interact with your web pages to give your customers insight into customer behavior. Any areas causing customers to leave the site or causing difficulties can easily. Viewing videos of visitor behavior. 4. Yotpo Work with technology clients. Reviews are incredibly important when customers make the decision to buy an electronic product, so being able to easily collect and present customer testimonials is critical.


Yotpo allows you to curate any user-generated content, including images and comments, and integrates with your customer’s social media channels to drive sales to stores. 5. Equipment Work with technology clients. If your customers are designing new electronics and hoping to crowdfund their creations, they may be short on time and marketing is easily sacrificed for R&D. Kit can be a lifesaver in these circumstances, by automating social media advertising and email marketing. Quickly assign which marketing processes you would like your client to carry out every day, and Kit will take care of it. Kit has been described as a virtual marketing employee and can free up a significant amount of time. Recommended topics for technology customers As we already mentioned, some themes are built especially for crowdfunding, giving customers an edge with a flagship product.

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But other types of e-retailers may have different priorities, like visual storytelling or smart filtering. Here are some topics to consider for your different technology clients.  However, Start up Work with technology clients.Jumpstart is the perfect theme to showcase your client’s Kickstarter venture, both before and after the project has been funded. Designed specifically for crowdfunding campaigns, this theme powers an ‘As Seen On’ section. However,  which is perfect for highlighting your client’s media coverage. The focus on a small number of products and large images means your customer can showcase their consumer electronics. 2. Empire Work with technology clients. However, Empire is designed for large inventories, and the product filtering feature allows customers to easily navigate to find the exact make or model they’re looking for.

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