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You can: activate the management of custom image sizes, activate the automatic creation of the <title> tag in the header of a page, create the Hong Kong Phone Number List main sidebar, create a sidebar for the footer… Starter themes and child themes Note that there are also starter themes for WordPress. These are blank themes with a minimal design and basic (or non-existent) layout, which are designed to be fully editable and follow CMS best practices. The most popular is underscores, created by Automattic, the company behind the WordPress project. This type of template allows developers to start creating their theme from a solid and clean base to add their style sheets and thus create a unique theme. Finally, note that WordPress has a

system of child themes that inherit the functionality and design of a parent theme, the theme that you have chosen for your project and that you want to adapt to your needs. The objective is to overload certain elements of the parent theme such as the css style, certain templates, while retaining the possibility of updating it. You then have a custom theme with minimal effort. Be careful, however, because not all themes are fully compatible. The more you overload the main theme, the more maintenance your child theme will be. Find the other articles of our file on WordPress How to Install WordPress: The Complete

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Step-by-Step Guide WordPress 5.5: What’s New in the August 2020 Update WordPress: 10 mistakes not to make How to Update WordPress Without Breaking Everything Related topics: WordPress / Development Share the article Post a comment The best tech tools Infomaniak logo Infomaniak Paid A web host for your websites and email addresses Discover Infomaniak Swiss Backup Logo Swiss Backup Paid A secure backup solution Discover Swiss Backup Bitrix24 logo Bitrix24 Freemium A complete collaborative platform Discover Bitrix24 Receive all the latest digital news by email Your email Your emailRegisterEach morning Every Friday By clicking on “Register”, you accept the T& Cs as well as our


privacy policy describing the purpose of the processing of your personal data. See the trainings Find a web development course See job offers Find a web developer job Home / Articles / Tech / Guide: How to Create a WordPress Theme, Step by Step On the same topic WordPress WordPress 6.0: the roadmap for 2022 Development Jamstack: definition, benefits and best practices for modernizing web architectures WordPress WordPress: 10 mistakes not to make WordPress How to Install WordPress: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide Development Recruitment of developers in 2022: the profiles sought and the skills expected Digital transformation Metaverse: all about this virtual universe that attracts tech giants

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WordPress 6.0: the roadmap for 2022 Discover.  The next steps and the objectives planned by the CMS for.  The year 2022, with in sight the release.  Of the next major version, WordPress 6.0. Share the article.  Alexandra Patard / Published.  OnFebruary 1, 2022 at 09:11 wordpress-6-0-roadmap-patterns We will have to.  Wait until the end of May to discover the WordPress.  6.0 update.  WordPress While WordPress 5.9 , called Josephine.  Was launched on January 25 with the introduction.  Of Full Site Editing, the CMS used by 43% of websites in.  The world lifts the veil on its roadmap for 2022. Story: discover what’s new in WordPress. 5.9 WordPress 6.0 must consolidate phase 2 of Gutenberg If the contours of the next major

version are beginning to In conclusion take shape, the CMS has already given a preview of its new update in preparation: WordPress 6.0. It is part of phase 2 of the Gutenberg project,  After a 1st phase which formalized the launch of the new Gutenberg block editor with the release of version 5.0, phase 2 constitutes In conclusion the base for the deployment of Full Site Editing , the new native experience offered by WordPress to manage the its entire site and no longer just the publications. The general objective is to consolidate and extend the set of customization tools introduced in version 5.9 to create themes with

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