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You could write a more persuasive sentence like How did you spend the day your boss had a flat tire and is now yelling at everyone in the office Called? How did you get through a day that started with spilled Pakistan Phone Number bad breakfast, and being splashed into the dirt by a passing car? ” look? As you put more action into your writing, it instantly makes your content more interesting. Thanks Hemingway! add more details ” Above the , on Borodino and its sides, especially where the flows between its swampy banks and falls to the left of the , the mist spreads and seems to melt , dissolves and becomes translucent, when the brilliant sun appears and magically colors and outlines everything.

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This is a quote from Tolstoy’s War and Peace. This is a nearly 3K page book. It’s full of descriptions. But you know what? it works! Tolstoy grabs the reader’s attention and paints a picture. These details are what Pakistan Phone Number this book so impressive. You can almost see the battlefield in front of you. This approach also applies to content marketing. No; that doesn’t mean you should write a 3K page blog post. No one will read that. You still have to keep your content to the point, but you should provide readers with all the details they need so they can fully understand your message. This is one of the coolest content marketing tips.

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Let’s take a look at a nice blog post that demonstrates the effectiveness of the details. Can you think of someone more representative of the “School of Detail” than Neil Patel? His blog posts give you all the background Pakistan Phone Number need before starting to walk you through specific topics in detail. As a specific example, let’s look at this article: Everything I taught you about SEO is wrong. This is quite a long form for a blog post. But Patel grabs and keeps readers’ attention by showing relevant details that prove his point.

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