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Oftentimes, your customers simply don’t understand the true power of automating their wholesale processes, and it’s the job of a good eCommerce agency to highlight these benefits.  Therefore, You also interested in: From self-employed to agency. However,  tips to grow your team. B2B Psychology: Old Habits vs. Best Practices wholesale business: psychology’s e-commerce experts, it’s up to us to deliver solutions that increase sales and efficiency for our customers, deliver consolidated, easy-to-use experiences for shoppers, and create the processes that will become the norm in the future. This often requires sensitive conversations with clients who may be fearful and resistant to change.

These conversations require a mix of knowledge of current best practices. Along with respect for your client’s business and historical operating processes. Lasting customer relationships require mutual respect to thrive, so take this opportunity to connect and add value.  With a balance of integrity and authority. Below, we’ve listed South Africa WhatsApp Number List some of the challenges that can come up for customers.  And strategies to help put their minds at ease. Challenging the status quo With the enormous value of wholesale transactions.  Many companies (understandably) don’t want to make changes for fear.  Of losing valuable business. In many cases. However,  B2B buyers are still used to old-school methods like spreadsheets. Faxed order forms, PDF catalogs, or one-on-one phone calls with reps.  Companies fear that by changing these processes they may alienate their customer base.

Leading B2b Customers in the

This particular objection can usually be overcome by providing. Case studies of companies in the same industry as the client (or different industries offering a similar service).  That have successfully capitalized on B2B e-commerce. Customers can also sometimes be skeptical about the scalability of SAAS platforms like Shopify.  But luckily there are plenty of great examples of big. Well-known companies using the platform. The mindset of a B2B buyer It’s important to highlight.  Some of the psychology behind how and why B2B consumers make purchases. Their customers are often resistant to changing their wholesale processes based.  On long-standing assumptions that have current research into shopper behavior.


Therefore, For example, while many companies assume that a sale is based on a conversation with a sales rep. However, recent research suggests that 60 percent of buyers will have completed their buying journey through self-directed research before contacting them. Therefore,  a sales rep, if they come out at all Most buyers are also heavily influenced by reviews and recommendations from social sources (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or online ratings and feedback pages. However,  Familiarize yourself with some of these facts so you can have informed conversations with customers and assure them of the benefits of a responsive and automated wholesale channel.

The Power of Wholesale Automation

Name the fear to take away its power To combat the fear of change, start by sitting down with your client and identifying what their biggest risks are and how to lower them. Encourage them (or undertake yourself) to do customer research to engage them in the change process; it’s a great way to not only gain valuable insight, but also gain customer buy-in for any procedural changes. Once you know what your customer’s concerns are, you can provide reasonable and effective solutions. One of our clients received feedback from a major. However,  B2B buyer that human interaction was a really important factor in moving away from his competitor; the extra level of care helped them feel supported and guided through the process. Our client expressed concern about missing out on these conversion opportunities by going completely digital.

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