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Humanize the brand My outreach emails are not sales pitches. And that’s a good thing because your outreach email is your first impression. This is your only chance to connect with your influencer in a genuine and authentic way. You are the person behind the brand. How do you want them to perceive you? But, as with any partnership, you need to get them to respond. And, if you don’t use your first outreach email, you’re not an asset to your campaign. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to write every detail of your personal life in your first outreach email just to humanize it.

Nobody wants to hear what Uncle Jerry did last weekend. But, until the past two years, I’ve put minimal effort into turning my first outreach email into a winning strategy. And it was a mistake. How can I know?

Recently Started Working With an Online

Because as soon as I started to deliberately personalize each email and tailor it to these specific Luxembourg Phone Number partnerships, I started to see massive growth in response rates. Here’s an at my email template from two years ago: Hello, My name is Anna and I recently started working with an online pet retailer looking to expand their audience. I came across your site and thought it would be a good choice for us. We’re interested in sponsored posts, but we’d love to hear what you might have in mind. Please let me know if you have any information on your rates.

Advertising Continue reading below Thanks a lot! Cordially, Anna Here’s a preview of my email template today: outreach email template example In the past, when a potential influencer or blogger signed up for my email newsletter or followed me on , they didn’t receive any special treatment. No following.

When a Potential Influencer or Blogger

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No personalized welcome email. No pitch. Now, when an influencer follows me on or signs up for my newsletter, I send them a personalized message with a personalized landing page that I created just for influencers. Advertising Continue reading below It’s a highly personalized email: it thanks the influencer for engaging with me, shares similar content (if they liked a certain tweet), explains what I’m up to, and I offer them a special option to collaborate with me. Of the traffic that reached this page, over 20% of them agreed to work with me in some form within the first month.

Of the users I contacted a client with, I converted 1 in 8 users. Still want inspiration? Find out how Ramón Bilbao Wine contacted one of Britain’s top bloggers. Hi Emily. We just made your filo quiches! Perfect with our Rioja.

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