Wikimedia Commons Launches Its Mobile Version

They say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Now, imagine that said image will speak. A new Qatar WhatsApp Number List application, created by the company Speaking Photo, allows you to add sounds to any photo. Thus, users take their photo, add a story with sound and can share it with their friends on Facebook , YouTube or email. In that idea, it is a tool that can be very useful for advertising , since you simply take a photo, put a short audio on it and share it among your followers. The Speaking Photo application is designed for the iPhone, and allows you to add sounds to the image.

The Speaking Photo Application Is Designed

In this regard, in an interview with the Qatar WhatsApp Number List site, Alba Davis, founding partner and director of the company, assured that the application can be used in many creative, fun and attractive ways. Also, she commented that it can be used by everyone; For example, real estate agents can send and explain the benefits of a house through a simple photo. Available in the App Store it has three different versions; Speaking Photo Lite a free version for the iPhone that has the basic features. Another, with a cost of 13 pesos, which allows you to add sounds to any photo in your library and create slides of up to five photos. Finally, it has a special version for iPad. This application can be an opportunity to share an image with audio of your brand quickly and easily.

To Take Advantage of the Photos We Take

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Surely it has happened to you that you. Are looking qatar whatsapp number. List for a photo online but you do not have. The budget to buy it or most. Of it is under copyright. For that Wikimedia Commons, a project of the Wikimedia Foundation, created an archive of license-free images. Now, with the aim of increasing its repertoire, it has launched a new mobile application. To take advantage of the photos we take with smartphones, Wikimedia Commons announced the launch of a new application for iOS and Android , in order to contribute to its repertoire. Thus, when users take photos with this app, they add them to the Wikimedia collection. Before the app, users uploaded images through a web browser. With this mobile application the procedure is simpler, since when taking a photo it is immediately uploaded to the file.

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