Wikimedia Commons Launches Its Mobile Version

Surely it has happened to you that you are looking for a photo online but you do not have the Australia Phone Number List to it or most of it is under copyright. For that Wikimedia commons, a project of the Wikimedia foundation, created an archive of license-free images. Now, with the aim of increasing its repertoire, it has launched a new mobile application. To take advantage of the photos we take with smartphones, Wikimedia commons announced the launch of a new application for iOS and android , in order to contribute to its repertoire. Thus, when users take photos with this app, they add them to the Wikimedia collection. Before the app, users uploaded images through a web browser. With this mobile application the procedure is simpler, since when taking a photo it is immediately uploaded to the file.

Wikimedia Commons Announced the Launch

Thus, users will be able to upload images, add a title and a description and tag it in the Australia Phone Number List category they think corresponds to it. Currently, Wikimedia commons has 16 million files, a figure that the organization hopes to increase with the launch of this app, the next web portal reported. It should be noted that. The Wikimedia foundation recently announced that in march of this year, its Wikipedia, workbooks and Wikimedia commons sites received more than 500 million unique visits per month. One of the most anticipated products in the field of technology is google glass, augmented reality glasses, which aim to ensure that users always have a connected device at their fingertips.

Launched Its Official Application for Said Product

That is why the American newspaper the Australia Phone Number List times has already launched its official application for said product. This new application will allow users to read news and stay informed all the time. It will also have a function to listen to the notes. Thus, the readers of the newspaper will receive the content of the new york times directly to their eyes. With that idea, the American newspaper developed its application, which is available on the official page of the medium. Thus, people with google glass will see news. Headlines through the lens of their glasses. Receive alerts and news updates every hour. With the option of having. Summaries of articles read aloud.

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