Why It’s Important to Use Diverse Stock Images in Design Today

We’ve all had a good laugh and eye roll at the women laughing alone with salad stock images. The sheer ridiculousness of this swathe of stock images. That for some reason mainly depicts (primarily white) women as over enthusiastic salad eaters. Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Unfortunately this is a symptom of a much bigger problem which negatively affects a lot of people. The lack of authentic representation in the world of stock images. A woman with a prosthetic leg drinking coffee, talking with boyfriend in kitchen A photo from the Disability Collection by Getty Images.

Reflected Back in an Image Is Empowering

Then NDLA and OATH. Via Getty Images. Stock images are ubiquitous: they’re coming at us from all sides—book covers, instagram ads, blog posts, website design, billboards. Stock images in design have power: the experience of seeing someone like you reflected back in an image is empowering, it fosters inclusion and increases awareness. When the existence of different identities, skin tones, body shapes and abilities is not taken into account, that is an act of the erasure of that community. This is why representation matters. Seeing Barack Obama elected as the first African American president.

Digital Space for Authentic

Jamaica WhatsApp Number List
Jamaica WhatsApp Number List

Rippon compete and win at the Olympic games as one of the first openly gay men to do so. Seeing Ada Hegerberg be the first woman to be awarded. The Ballon d’Or as the world’s best footballer—a prize that has only been awarded to a man each year since 1956. Then Seeing Beyoncé on the cover of Vogue magazine. But Setting up a digital space for authentic and diverse stock imagery — A photo of CreateHERStock founder Neosha Gardner. Then Smiling and looking out the window Founder of CreateHERstock.com Neosha Gardner. Via Neosha Gardner. y.

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