Why Do I Need a Website if I Already Have a Page on Facebook?

I want to start this article with a question: if you had to choose a single

tool on which to focus your digital strategy, which one would you choose?

Social networks have grown exponentially in recent years, reaching

the point where it has become almost USA Phone Number essential, both on a personal and business level,

to have a profile on any of the multiple networks that exist so as not to lose contact with our friends, family and clients. .

Although social networks are a very powerful tool and have given us infinite possibilities, we must be careful with their use because they could be distracting us from what is really important…

Today there are many businesses that have totally focused their digital strategy on a facebook page or an instagram profile , considering it practically inefficient to invest in other channels such as seo , sem , email marketing , etc.

Their argument is: if I already have a facebook page, why do I need to spend money on a website?

Why do I need a website if I already have a facebook page?

It is easy to be seduced by the almost immediate results that social networks offer us; however, it is also very dangerous for these reasons:

Your facebook page is not yours: your page belongs to facebook and at any moment you can wake up with the surprise that your page has been deleted. No matter how much effort you’ve put into it or how much you’ve invested, if facebook decides your page should be removed, it will be removed.
Your fans on facebook are not yours: your fans are not yours either, they belong to facebook. If your competition wants to show ads to your fans, they can do it and it will only cost you a few cents.

Facebook limits you: the platform has

USA Phone Number

all kinds of policies and restrictions that you must comply with if you do not want to suffer sanctions that affect the scope or permanence of your page. While on facebook, you should limit your posting to the platform’s rules.

Never allow your business to totally depend on a third party. Finally, from a strategic point of view it is absurd for your business to depend. On a platform over which you have no control and that can sanction. You at any time. It’s okay to use various tools to boost the reach of your business. But never let the success of your business depend on something you have no control over.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s. Unnecessary to have a presence on social networks, but it is very dangerous to. Focus all your strategy on them and completely forget about other channels. Especially one as important as a website.

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