When the Need of Users Conditions the Content of Your Blog

This is the case of clave rh, an argentine blog originally. Aimed at a public. But which changed thanks. To the feed back with its readers. Buenos aires, argentina. Once a web page or a blog is uploaded. To the virtual world. It is the user. Readers themselves who –many times. End up defining the course of the content. This is the case of clave rh. Argentine blog originally aimed at a public. But which changed thanks to. The feed back with its readers .Never stop listening to. what your customers have to say. That could be the other title of this article. that shows that the feedback with the readers is key. This is clave rh , an argentine blog. specialized in labor law and human. resources that shares analysis, strategies and solutions for relationships in working life.

In Argentina, a New Law on Domestic Employment

Beyond the relevance of the original content, what is interesting to analyze is to see how its creators understood, after a few months of launching the site, that the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List target they were “talking to” was another; or rather, he needed something else. Something like a turnkey service. so that anyone can regularize. their domestic service. all over the internet and. at a very convenient price. The service is key because. the new law to regularize the work. of domestic workers in Argentina. Implies that millions of families. must register as employers.

How Its Creators Understood

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There is a lot of confusion, ignorance and fear about what and how to do it. Do I have to register it with a retroactive date to the moment I took it? How much will I have to pay per month? What salary do you get? How do I contract the compulsory insurance by law? How do I get my fiscal key.

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