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Put ” ” around the testimonial to make it look like a real quote. Include a photo of them. Put a link to your website and make it known what parts you made. Include some images of your work; you can use thumbnails that become full screen when you click on them. (Assuming they agree to you using all of their information) 4. Build trust instantly affiliate marketing: build trust Testimonials help build trust. So does good design. But there is still more you can do. Every time you land on a website, you have a burning question on your mind. “Who runs this website and why should I trust them?” Unless it’s a high authority site like The Wirecutter or AskMen, people want to know who the person behind the site is. They want to see that you are trustworthy; it is likely that they have been burned before. Hey, it’s the internet, we’ve all been burned before

You only need to have one minor element wrong or missing on your site for someone to hit the back button. These are the most important elements to have on your site to build trust and earn more revenue. about page People want to Slovakia B2B List know who you are as a person. They don’t want to deal with a mysterious person. Include a high-quality photo of yourself (without sunglasses) and write down a couple of your hobbies and fun facts. Most people who buy from you will end up visiting your About page. People who are serious about buying will want as much information and reassurance as possible before committing. This is a place where you want to let your personality shine. Your customers and readers are looking for a real person, not a corporate-looking public service announcement.

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FAQ page Everyone wants to know about prices, refunds, guarantees, delivery times, etc. Create this page and add it over time. Brainstorm the biggest questions people will have when they first land on your site. Here are some examples for your FAQ page: Do you do discounts? Who am I and why should you trust me? What am I selling and how much does it cost? Who have you worked with before to know that you are legit? Contact details To increase your trust factor, you must have an address (you can put your accountant’s address or a PO Box) and a phone number. An email/contact form is the bare minimum. If you’re active on social media, include those links as well so people can see that you’re staying up to date. There are so many dormant websites out there, and social media is a great way to show people that your business is still up.


your credentials Did you graduate from college? Certifications from Microsoft, Oracle or Adobe? Have you spoken or attended specific industry events? This should be part of your About page: the qualifications you have, the languages/software you can use, and any awesome-sounding previous jobs you’ve had that are relevant to your skills. See my About page for an example. I tell people my “mini story” (how I got started in affiliate marketing), then I show some social proof (public speaking in front of thousands), then I show people what I can do for them. What to do now? We have reviewed the four principles: Sell ​​a cure, not a prevention Invest in high quality design Using powerful testimonials and reviews Build credibility and trust with your customers Now it’s time to implement…

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Take the time to work on your business instead of on it. First, schedule a couple of hours this weekend to review your site. Take the time to work on your business instead of on it. Which of the four topics I mentioned can you implement faster and easier? These principles are “quick wins” because most of them are free and don’t take too long. It’s additional content, some copywriting, reaching out to old customers, and maybe some design changes. Second – study the book Cashvertising. It is the best writing and sales book you can read for quick profits. I require my entire media buying team to read the book several times a year, it’s that good. It’s packed with tactical tips you can use to build trust, sell more, increase loyalty, and more. Have you found these tips useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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