What Is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is a conscious and important decision for our business,” says Julie. “Customers can see our aesthetic from our personal brands and know that we hold ourselves to a certain standard.” “People do their research when they hire a company to do design work,” adds Jeremy. “Personal branding is not something to be taken lightly. You need to make sure your [social] channels are visually appealing so that if customers look at them, it’s a good representation of who you are.” Having a personal brand in addition to your company brand helps customers see you as an expert. It establishes you as the brains behind the operation and helps build trust with your audience. When you’re associated with being great at your job, that’s only good news for your business.

You may also be interested in: Like moths to a flame: how to attract (and keep) the clients of your dreams Canada WhatsApp Number List When Kurt Elster decided to fully commit to his personal brand, he redesigned his company website to tie in closely with his personality. The results of the new brand launch were amazing: within a year, the conversion rate on the site doubled. According to Kurt, there is a very good reason for that. “People relate to people,” he said. “You do what you do because you’re passionate about it, so put your face on it. No one is buying from a page that lacks personality.” Building relationships and making real connections with customers requires you to show your personality.

A Guide for Freelancers

In the age of the Internet, that can be daunting. But Kurt’s experience shows that personality is never a bad thing. In fact, people yearn for it. what is personal branding: djuro Space Squirrel’s Djuro Selec uses your personal brand to build trust with customers. Djuro Selec is the co-founder of Space Squirrel, an eCommerce and app development agency focused on the Shopify platform. Djuro’s perspective on the brand matches Kurt’s thoughts. “People will connect to a face faster than a logo. Your little personality traits will only make you, and in turn your brand, more memorable.” If you are a freelancer, the importance of a personal brand is paramount. As a freelancer, you are your brand. Reclaiming control of your reputation by building a personal brand is how you establish.


yourself as an expert and how you draw customers to you. “By branding yourself as an individual, you add a whole new layer of trust to your interactions with customers. This gives your business so many more avenues to grow, and you’ll meet some great people along the way.” Building that kind of trust with customers is key. People are much more likely to trust recommendations from individuals than from companies. By branding yourself as an individual, you add a new layer of trust to your interactions with customers. This gives your business many more avenues to grow, and you’ll meet some great people along the way. How to build a personal brand Now you know why, but how do you build a personal brand? Personal branding is obviously much more than a logo.

The Power of Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand encompasses all the ways you interact with customers, from your appearance to your voice to your attitude. That may sound overwhelming, but don’t panic. The best part of your personal brand is that it’s about you. Personal brands only work when they’re authentic, which means you don’t have to worry about making anything up. You already have everything you need. Here are some tips on how to discover and build your personal brand. 1. Ask yourself some questions To start building a personal brand, you’ll want to start by asking yourself a few key questions about yourself and your business. These questions will help you identify what kinds of things you can include in your brand and what things will make your brand stand out. Grab a pen and paper and start thinking of some answers to the following questions. What are your goals for your business?

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