What is a vector file?

Have you ever been asked for your logo in vector format or have you ever. Provided your logo in .Jpg format only to be told its the wrong format in graphic design, there are 2 types of images raster images and vector images. Raster image .Jpg or .Png raster image a raster image is made up of. Thousandsmillions of small color pixels put together in a grid to. Form an image. Each of these pixels small squares has its own solid color which, juxtaposed with another pixel of a slightly different color, can give. The illusion of a gradient, color nuances and curves. All photographs are raster images. Photos and logos informat are raster images. These types of images are the most common, because they can be easily consulted by any software word, powerpoint, web pages, cell phone, etc.


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Vector image vector image a vector image, on the jewelry retouch service other hand, is composed of mathematical paths that give instructions to the software on how to display the visual rendering. Using bézier curves, these instructions describe how to create the shapes. The biggest advantage of the vector format is that it has no predefined size. The same file can be printed on a business card or on a very large billboard with the same quality. The main vector file formats are .Eps and .Ai. The majority of logos and pictograms are created in vector to have more flexibility and ensure the best possible quality. In printing, the quality, or rather the definition of an image is determined by the number of ink dots in a given width dots per inch . Since vector images have no resolution pixel matrix, the printers maximum resolution is used to print the logo.

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The image is therefore very sharp and the CXB Directory contours smooth, unlike a raster image whose number of pixels which compose it will remain identical, even if it is enlarged. The staircase effect that can sometimes be seen on a printed image. And due to the enlargement of a raster image. The main disadvantage of vector files is that they require specialized software to interpret them and render them visually. Adobe illustrator is the most used. Also, some printing processes absolutely require vector files, especially when the number of colors is limited. The vector format allows better control of the inks used than the raster format, while having a much better print quality. For screen printing or embroidery, especially in the field of promotional items and clothing, the vector format is essential.

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