What Is a Smart Content Marketing Funnel?

Suppose you have that perfect content. (Shhh – the other options aren’t even considered here because, hey, who today can afford to provide poor or no content and hope to sell something?) Just by having one “perfect piece of content,” there’s no guarantee that you’ll immediately sell your product to a prospect who’s never heard of you before. It is quite unlikely. People should first become familiar with your brand and the product (or related products) or service you are selling. Think of it like a date! You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, would you? First they are dating, then they will move in and live together for a while, get engaged, and finally get married. During that process, you’re also changing the “types of content” you use on a daily basis with your partner.

The idea behind content marketing and smart content matching is the same. And here comes the psychology of a content marketing funnel and the workflow you want to follow. You may also be interested in: How to generate leads for your business using content. The psychology of a content marketing funnel Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Customer journeys always start with the awareness phase, followed by the evaluation phase (sometimes also called consideration), and end with a conversion . Just like the marriage analogy above. Makes sense? The following image visually shows all the things mentioned above. content marketing funnel: psychology In the awareness stage, prospects may not even be aware of the problems they’re having.

The Psychology of a Content Marketing

They are not aware of your brand, and they are certainly not aware of the solution you have available to them. They are just looking for answers, resources, education, research data, opinions, and insights, with no special goal in mind. In the evaluation stage, prospects evaluate various options available to them, including their competitors. Usually this is the time when they are thoroughly researching whether or not your product or service is right for them and it is the perfect time for content that tells them exactly that. Those who go through the evaluation stage are now presented with the final decision: to make a purchase or not. And with the help of the right content at the right time in the right place, this decision will be easier to make. As your prospect’s journey cycle changes, your content should change too. Why?


Because the prospect’s awareness and expectations change. Each stage of a buying cycle has a specific set of questions that your prospects will.  Typically ask as they move up through the stages. Providing them with answers to these questions at the right.  Time will remove friction in their decision-making process and consequently increase your conversion rate. The main goal of a marketing funnel is to move your prospects from.  Being completely unaware of their problem or opportunity.  To the point where they can make an informed purchase decision. Move a potential customer through the stages of a buying cycle.  You’ll need to create different content designed to meet their needs at each of the three stages.

Steps to Implement a Smart

You’ll also need to remove all the steps in this journey that could cause friction in understanding your audience and providing them with answers in the form of appropriate content, before they even ask their questions. In other words, you will need to provide: Content that facilitates knowledge Content that facilitates the evaluation Content that makes it easy to convert Let’s explain this through an example. Would you buy a Macbook Pro laptop for $3,000 if you’ve never heard of Apple? I wouldn’t. At least not at first. Many of us would not. We all want to be familiar with the brand first , check out reviews on them, watch unboxing videos, make sure their support is great, compare them to competitors, etc. Grow your business with the Shopify Partner Program.

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