What Do You Do in the Men’s Room if Two Gorgeous

The response of the Spain Phone Number List men, who have felt very observed while using the urinals to demonstrate. How real its new ultra-wide lg ips 21 screens can be. :9. For the action, the Korean brand placed the screens on the urinals, at user’s eye level and when the men began to use the facilities, they were activated and two beautiful models with very suggestive and curious attitudes appeared in the monitors (sometimes separately and sometimes together) to make them believe that they were being watched and even to flirt with the unsuspecting gentlemen. The reactions were very diverse, going from fright to Spain Phone Number List believing the flirtation and trying to respond, but what was very common.

Even to Flirt With the Unsuspecting Gentlemen

Given the similarity with the Spain Phone number reality of having a female watching, was the delay in starting the task of using the urinal, which even prevented one in four users from doing so. The video may seem somewhat invasive , but it definitely leaves the level of reality that lg can achieve with this new product very high. To prove it, here is the now famous viral with more than two million views in less than a week. Due to the large number of things that can be done through a smartphone , it has become one of the most powerful tools that we can carry at all times. However, it can also become a double-edged sword since in it we handle confidential information, whether banking, security or personal, which if misused by third parties can put us in danger. More digital marketing notes.

Which Even Prevented One in Four Users From

Spain Phone Number List

5 mistakes to avoid in spain phone number list 6 keys to retain. Your followers on twitter to prevent the theft of information, the technology firm incite created zapped. An application that guarantees the transmission. Of information from the device immediately. Independently and confidentially. Zapped has instant messaging email. File transmission and walkie-talkie functions. Which can only be seen by people authorized. The user. In this way. Emails will be sent and received in real time. Under a security encryption that guarantees. That only their recipient has access to them. The same thing happens with chats zapped allows. You to chat with encrypted messages. In spain phone number list real time, as well as talk. In encrypted walkie-talkie mode. It also allows you to exchange files both through chat and mail.

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