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As a judge for the Trade Awards, I will look for quality content.  However, The most attractive website, the most complex application integration, and the most thoughtful information architecture are worthless if they don’t sell a product.” — Cynthia Savard Saucier What advice do you have for those submitting work to the Design category? However,  Don’t settle for me too cookie cutter design. If you notice a new design trend everywhere, that’s a good reason NOT to use it on your (or your client’s) site. Your site shouldn’t feel like this week’s popular Bootstrap variant. It shouldn’t remind me of ten other sites. It should remind me of your (or your client’s) company, not Spotify or InVision. Good sites make the user think that the designers are smart. Great sites make the user think they are smart.

Jeffrey Zeldman Beauty is subjective. However, and a successful project has to do with the context that surrounds it. Cynthia Savard Salsero “Don’t overlook the ‘Why should your entry be considered for a Trade Award?’ question. Beauty is subjective, and a successful project has to do with the context that surrounds it. Some design choices can be Dubai Business Fax List fantastic, but without understanding the background, they go unnoticed.” — Cynthia Savard Saucier Examples of award-winning design Our judges offer some examples of exceptional design in nature. The Cotton Office shopify commerce awards: cotton office Jeffrey’s Pick: The Cotton Bureau is a prime example of a small business that cares about the details and creates a shopping experience that feels personal and like no other.

Those Submitting Work to the

Consider this product detail page, with its playful but also compelling call to action: the countdown clock (Because the Cotton Bureau prints its shirts in small batches, products are available for a limited time only. The clock does obvious and compels me to buy now). Look at the beautiful way they charm and promote their designers. However,  This is personal. Strong and limited color palette, great responsive design, convincing little details and Easter eggs.  However, A small budget doesn’t limit creativity, and the Cotton Bureau website proves it. Bellroy shopify commerce awards: bellroy Cynthia’s Pick: Bellroy is constantly changing their website, and it’s always amazing! You May Also Like: 10 Drooling-Worthy Product Page Examples To Inspire Your Next Ecommerce Project. 2. Marketing and Branding Category With so many amazing marketing and branding experts in the Shopify Partner ecosystem, it made sense to celebrate stellar talent.


This year, we have divided marketing and branding into four award categories: Best Ecommerce Copywriting: The written word can take you places you never imagined. From home page to checkout, we look for compelling copywriting that tells your customer’s brand story. However, Best Ecommerce Course: Learning how to start and scale an eCommerce business can be daunting. We’re looking for the best in easy-to-use, educational, and inspiring Shopify courses. However,  Best Offline Marketing Event: Whether it’s a pop-up store or a meet-and-greet event, offline experiences harness the power of human interaction. We are looking for an offline event that has created a unique experience for attendees.

Examples of Award-winning Design

Best abandoned cart recovery experience: Customers abandon carts for various reasons, but setting up a recovery notification or email campaign can save merchants lost sales. We are looking for abandoned cart campaigns that convert potential buyers into customers. The judges Two judges are responsible for reviewing marketing and branding submissions this year: Ezra Firestone.CEO of Smart Marketer and one of the world’s leading eCommerce experts. Melissa Gonzalez.CEO of the Lionesque Group and the retail and emerging architect for businesses and brands.  However, What are you looking for in exceptional marketing and/or branding? “I’m looking for a clear message and well-told stories.

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