What Activities Will We Carry Out With Google Glass?

Every day there is more information about Google Glass, the augmented reality glasses. However, it is not yet 100 percent known how they will work. Greece WhatsApp Number List and Google. show the great change of the earth in 28 years Video shows how Google Glass works. Likewise, NY Times already has an app for Google Glass Face book , Twitter , NY Times, are some of the companies that have already started developing their applications for Google Glass, preventing the product from being one of the biggest successes in the world of technology. However, we still do not know how many actions can be performed using the augmented reality glasses. For this reason, the Playground agency produced a video where it predicts the activities that people will do through the lenses.

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Thus, the video shows how Google Glass will allow you to view a GPS map while riding a Greece WhatsApp Number List, scan barcodes to obtain more product information, make payments, make shopping lists, among other functions. Here we share the video. One of the most popular platforms for selling products online, yesterday announced the launch of its digital currency, Amazon Coins. Moreover, Which will be used to buy applications and games in your Amazon Appstore online store and through your Kindle Fire tablets?

The Amazon Company Is Considered

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Which will be used to buy. Greece whatsapp number list applications. Games in your amazon appstore online. Store and through your kindle. Fire tablets? More related notes. 3 types of e-commerce amazon prepares. As well as, Tv encoder seven things you should. Know about bit coin the amazon. Company is considered as the largest internet. Retail company in the world. However, each time it has increased its services. For example, a few days ago it confirmed that. They are working on a device that. Will transmit videos over the internet. Directly to users’ televisions.

Last Monday it introduced Greece WhatsApp Number List Coins, which will be used for users to buy apps and games directly from the company’s platforms. In this regard, Amazon commented in a statement that: “For customers, Amazon Coins is an easy way to buy apps and item. They also announced that to present their new virtual currency they gave away 500 Amazon Coins to Kindle Fire owners in the United States. Each virtual currency has a value of one dollar cent and can be obtained on the Amazon portal.

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