Web Analytics is not installing the Google Analytics code and getting into the tool to “see how we are doing”, it is much more than that: it is defining some objectives,

Measure Your website is a sieve, people arrive (not all the ones you would like) and, after everything it has cost you to bring them, they leave at the first opportunity and very few finish the purchase. Web Analytics is what will allow you to place yourself, at least, on a par with those who are doing things well and improving their processes day by day. With Web Analytics you can improve both user acquisition and conversion. Only knowing what happens on your website can you improve it.


And as a clarification

Web Analytics is not installing. The Namibia Phone Number Google Analytics code and getting into the tool to “see how we are doing”. it is much more it is defining some objectives. Deciding which interactions are goi to  measur to. Meet those objectives. Configure the measurements (which do not come  default in Google Analytics). Establish a monthly reporting system. Analyze everyth  happens in detail and prepare a list of improvements t must be implement propose A/B or multivariate tests , do qualitative analysis … Web Analytics is not something. Done punctually. It is something  done constantly to improve. At least. At the same rate as the competition. 2. Conclusion No business is easy. And even less on the internet.


Facebook and Amazon are already invented

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And do you know what all these leading companies have in common? Its voracious appetite to get to know its users in order to improve and continue to be leaders. Measure and you will survive. post navigation ← Previous post Next entry → Related Posts RRSS content plan How to create a social media content plan Digital Strategy , Digital Marketing / By Chema Espejo Conversion optimization landing pages Conversion optimization landing pages Digital Marketing / By Daniel Urrutia Fundamental metrics to analyze Email Marketing Fundamental metrics to analyze Email Marketing Digital Marketing / By Daniel Urrutia Performance Marketing: Results Marketing Performance Marketing: Results Marketing Digital Marketing / By Álvaro García Search To look for: Search recent articles How to maximize the content focus of your reels Avoid problems when promoting giveaways in Facebook Ads Errors to avoid in Google Ads campaigns Suspended account on Amazon. How to reactivate an account in Seller Central Migration to GA4: When to move from Universal Analytics to GA4 File, Archive File, Archive choose the month Categories Digital Analytics big data business intelligence Digital Strategy facebook ads Google ads Digital marketing marketplaces matomo Privacy R SEM SEO Social media

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