We want to address the elephant

When we suggest adding Amazon as a marketing platform (and using Amazon ad campaigns), some of our clients are less than enthusiastic.

These are the objections they have:

Their industry is flooded on Amazon, or the Sri Lanka Phone Number competition is high. Sure, that’s true. There are 203 search results on Amazon for the term “bamboo paper towels” alone. But the industry is flooded everywhere, including SEO; you have a better shot of ranking here, especially if this is where your customers are looking.

The costs are too high. We’re going to address exactly how much it costs to sell on Amazon in a moment, but it’s not quite as high as you might think. And even if you are paying more than you’d like, as long as you’re ensuring profitability, think of it as an investment to attract new customers who you can encourage to purchase from your site as you build brand awareness overall.

There’s too much to keep up with

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We feel this one, too. Many eCommerce owners are busy, and the thought of one more platform is a lot. The good news is that many eCommerce platforms have integrations that make this easier, and you can always worth with a trusted advertising partner (like us!) to manage your campaigns for you.
I don’t like how Amazon treats employees. This one is more than fair; I’ve personally tried to eliminate purchases from Amazon because of my own concerns here. The reality is, however, that this is where customers are purchasing and researching. The potential growth from being on this platform is high, and you can use that to potentially hire your own team members you pay fairly and treat well.
How Does Selling on Amazon Work?

The Amazon selling process is pretty straightforward.

You must sign up for a paid Seller’s account; you cannot sell from your personal buyer’s account as you would on other platforms.

You create product listings through one of several different options (we’ll go over this in a minute). Depending on your plan, you can either do this in bulk or manually.

You’ll have the option to either store and ship your products yourself or to send products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers for storage, in which case they’ll ship the products when orders come in.

There is also the option to run ad campaigns on Amazon for increased reach.

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