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They’re real,” reads their SEO title tag. Doritos hired SOVI Creative as its Shopify implementation partner and worked with another Toronto-based agency called BBDO on the campaign. “We wanted to allow customers to shop in a hyper-local situation, so Doritos could find out who specifically wanted to get this product,” says Stephan. “Direct to consumer is hard to get for the big brands. E-commerce is the perfect channel for them to experiment without having to invest a lot.” “E-commerce is the perfect channel for them to experiment without having to invest a lot.” The website’s ’70s-style theme was strategically designed to be cheesy (pardon the pun) and to remind people of an earlier generation, where buying a materialistic good was a special event.

It was a massive sale, with those roses flying off the digital shelves. You can still find the No More Roses website online, but there is a DIY guide for you to try it out for yourself, along with a coupon to buy the tiles at the store at a discount. “Why lose Honduras WhatsApp Number List the ability to get such good organic SEO?” Stephan tells about the decision to keep the website live. “All a user has to do is search for ‘ketchup roses’ because it’s been indexed so many times. This gives (Doritos) the opportunity to continue this campaign year after year.” Turtles share love microsite: turtlesThis holiday season, Turtles (that classic nutty chocolate shaped vaguely to resemble a turtle) launched its first direct-to-consumer opportunity in Canada.

Microsite Best Practices

Their Share the Love campaign consists of limited-edition holiday.  Cans that include a $100 donation from Turtles to Canadian families in need.  With each can purchased. Normally, Nestlé Turtles’ parent company) would have its own internal website for this campaign, but with the help of SOVI Creative, Turtles created a new microsite to tell the full story. “A great microsite really comes down to content,” says Stephan. “This is a great opportunity to enable customers to engage with a site that tells a story and provides a unique user experience, to allow your brand to truly stand out in a crowded marketplace.” The Turtles’ microsite content strategy includes clearly sharing the narrative behind the campaign and explaining what $100 could mean to a family in need.


Bringing a loved one home, paying a hydroelectric bill, providing a family dinner. Essentially, the campaign provides a charitable opportunity.  For the visitor and allows Turtle to build goodwill while upholding corporate social responsibility. VaynerMedia: Best Practices for Sharing Microsites.  I also had the opportunity to speak with Sabir Semerkant.  Senior Vice President of Ecommerce, and Billy Galanko, Ecommerce Strategist at digital agency.  VaynerMedia about their experiences building microsites for clients. To maintain client confidentiality, we did not discuss specific brands.  But had many lessons learned and best practices to share. Microsite Best Practices.

Turtles Share Love

Tell a unique story for your target audience(s) Microsites allow you to target different types of people, for example if you sell a food product and want to target home cooks, restaurant chefs and food truck vendors, each of whom would use the product in a different and nuanced way . You could launch isolated microsites to tell each of those audiences a unique story, depending on their needs. “When someone lands on that relevant page for that relevant audience, you’re telling a story specifically related to them,” says Sabir. “What does that do? It increases your conversion and makes it worth the investment.” 2. A/B test effectively When building a microsite, the goal is to keep it simple. That means if you change a small feature (whether it’s a promotion.

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