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You may also be interested in: 6 tips to build a web design process that increases the efficiency of your team. alternative strategies The process outlined above is a method that works well for some people, but it won’t be the same for everyone. Below, I’ll share some alternative tools, resources, and strategies you can try to create a brainstorming process all your own. Six thinking hats This is a brainstorming method developed by psychologist Edward de Bono, which describes six different colored “hats” or ways of thinking about a given problem. A red hat, for example, symbolizes intuitive or gut reactions, while a white hat represents information: what are the facts available to us?

Each participant is assigned a “hat” to wear (more accurately, a role to play) during the brainstorming session, or the facilitator may ask each individual to wear different hats during different parts of the brainstorming session. ideas. design Antigua and Barbuda B2B List beach ball This technique was started by Shopify designer Verne Ho for discussions with his design team. The idea is to use a beach ball to establish who has the floor, adding a fun way to keep order during a brainstorming session. Especially good if you have a rowdy group! Mental maps Especially good for design-related brainstorming sessions.  Mind maps are diagrams used to visually organize information. A central concept or theme is drawn in the center, and the ideas or words that are built from that theme branch out from the core.

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For visual learners, this is a great way to do it, although it’s more difficult to consolidate in a group setting than sticky notes. crazy eights Each person receives a sheet of paper with eight boxes. Set a timer for eight minutes and ask people to come up with eight quick ideas within that time limit. Ask everyone to present their top three ideas to the group and then ask them to vote using colored sticky dots to determine the action items. This is a great exercise for rapid prototyping and design sprints. Tools and resources Candor – An app that allows you to submit and vote on ideas digitally. Creative Timer: This is the app Luc uses to keep time. You can visually see the time pass.


Edward de Bono: An expert in “design thinking.  And a pioneer of many brainstorming techniques. Edward has many books and courses available. Design Sprint: A Practical Guide to Creating Great Digital Products (Book) Sprint.  How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days (Book) Did we miss something? What tools and strategies do you use to run an effective creative brainstorming session? Let us know in the comments below. Working with clients who sell technology products and consumer electronics can be truly rewarding. As these merchants operate at the forefront of e-commerce. Since this is such a competitive market that is constantly evolving.  These customers need themes that showcase their products in the best light.  As well as guidance on how to maximize online visibility.

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Like its products, the technology market is highly innovative with disruptive methods of financing, product targeting, and distribution channels. For your customers to remain competitive in this area. They will need the support of developers and designers. Who can deliver the most user-friendly experience. Last month, we took a deep dive into how to work with and support.  Clothing customers in the e-commerce space. In this article, we’ll look at some emerging strategies.  For tech stores to better understand how this industry is changing and how developers can make the most informed decisions by specializing in this area. We’ll also provide a sample product CSV file that you can use to quickly set up a tech-themed dev store when pitching to customers, as well as some recommended apps and themes.

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