Using the Router to Make a New Route

At which point I looked up from my computer at the set of bleachers that lined the sides of the auditorium. and basically looked directly at him. Kate Schneider, co-founder of ZDCA Design and Development After the session, standing at a table in the common area, the couple conducted an impromptu interview. Kate adds that she was instantly impressed with her design background and how well-versed she was in the Shopify space. Chris joined Kate’s team a few weeks later in Santa Rosa, California and began working part-time with ZDCA on specific projects. By the following September, it was clear that the designer’s many talents were a good fit for ZDCA’s myriad creative offerings; and so, he was hired full time. “She’s an essential part of our creative team,” says Kate.

We are delighted that he is part of this effort.” Joe Monastiero + Shopify = Sales Channel Script A demo, a piece of cardboard, and some serious ingenuity: that’s all Joe Monastiero had. On the first day of Unite 2016, Joe and his partner Italy Business Fax List  dragged a table to the back wall of the main lobby during lunch and placed a poster board with a well-dressed woman against the wall. In essence, the couple had set up a makeshift and somewhat illicit conference booth. The goal? “I’m pretty good at cornering people,” Joe explains with a smile. “We wanted to try to talk to Tobi, Harley and others; show them what we were doing, and see what they thought, and how we could approach the idea together.”

Go Out and Grow!

Joe, CEO and founder of recommendation platform nFlate, was showing a demo of his new app, See It Buy It. See It Buy It, a mobile-based, AI-powered clothing marketplace, allows users to take a photo of clothes they see in real life and then generates hundreds of similar matches from various merchants. “The card stock was so we could take a photo of one of the images and show matches to that image in real time,” explains Joe. “It really blew people away.” And while Joe was looking to make his own luck that day, he also chanced upon a few. At Unite 2016, the new Sales Channel SDK was announced, and Shopify asked partners to start creating and collaborating on new sales channels. Partners collaborating in Unite 2016: SiBi Shopify Sales Channel, See It Buy It.


When I heard the announcement, I just couldn’t sit down. My head was spinning,” says Joe. “It was the perfect match for what we were trying to do.” When I heard the announcement, I just couldn’t sit down. My head was spinning. It was the perfect match for what we were trying to do. Joe Monastiero, Founder and CEO of nFlate After Unite, Joe and his team spent the next few months working to get into the beta and eventually build the See It Buy It sales pipeline. Working alongside Shopify proved invaluable to Joe and his team. “The experience has totally changed our business in so many ways,” says Joe. “On the one hand, we receive funds thanks to Shopify. Our initial funding of about $500,000 was because the story is so good.

Add a Functional Component to Count

The promise of a partnership with Shopify can do amazing things. You may also be interested in.  Unite 2017: Take the path that leads to more entrepreneurs (and other conferences). + ReCharge = Random Collisions.  If Steve Deckert has any advice for this year’s Unite attendees.  It’s to avoid hanging out with the same 10 people you already know. And instead leave room for random collisions. “If I hadn’t done that last year.  I would have missed out on a lot explains Steve. Not only would the app developer have missed out on the opportunity.  To create an integration with another successful Shopify app, they would also have missed out on the invaluable working friendship that it also produced. It all started over drinks at a pre-conference Shopify-hosted cocktail party.

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