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Where you test changes on a small scale quickly and then combine the winning changes to improve the site incrementally. Yes, this allows you to be more scientific: learn more about visitors, their behavior, and which items convert best for your customer. And you can implement tests much faster. However, this requires a large volume of traffic. When it comes to delivering results to your customers, your best bet is probably innovative testing. Come out and get a real life experience! At the beginning of this post I mentioned that A/B testing is not something you can learn by reading a blog post, it remains true.

You are bound to make mistakes, even after reading this (same mistakes I warned you about: insufficient sample size, stopping tests too soon, ignoring confidence intervals, and more), but there’s no substitute for real-life experience, so I hope you don’t get discouraged. All of the things I mentioned above are much easier to digest when  Brazil B2B List you actually run some A/B tests. And it’s an incredibly powerful thing to have in your arsenal, because it allows you to measure and actually add real monetary value to your client’s business (and therefore demand higher fees). This post should put you ahead of most beginning testers and avoid unpleasant surprises and overly optimistic promises to clients.

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Stay tuned for part two of this A/B testing series, where we’ll cover how to make realistic promises to customers and then delight them with delivery. Have you done A/B testing for clients in the past? What kind of lessons did you learn? Let us know in the comments below! Visit the Shopify Partners Facebook page and use the code “LEARN” to get approved right away. Self-taught for everyone! Autodidactism is a fancy term for self-education, basically education without the guidance of a professional institution, such as a school. As technology changes, so must we. Web development and web design are always evolving, with new libraries, languages, and specifications all the time.


Two out of three developers are self-taught in some way, making it a must-have skill. always be learning Matthew Milan, Normative It’s important to build a culture of learning within your company, startup, and even personally. I once attended a talk where Mathew Milan from Normative said, “Always learn,” and it stuck with me. We need to teach the skill of self-education, especially in the web industry to stay current and informed. You may also be interested in: 8 free resources to learn web design and how to code. Get to teach! My goal with this article was to pass on some of the techniques that I have found particularly effective over the years when teaching others.

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I believe that building a culture of teaching and learning.  Within an organization helps grow people in the organization and makes teams stronger. If you’re curious about some of the training courses. I’ve taken, check out an Introduction to.  Theme Building for WordPress Developers. Or download my slides from Web Dev Conf on “Building an Online Store with Shopify and Liquid.” animation shop in Free Slideshow with Shopify Themes A few weeks ago, I gave a workshop in Bristol, England at Web Dev Conf on Shopify Theming. I have included the slides from that workshop as they provide good examples of exercises that build on each other. Download workshop slides What techniques have worked for you when teaching code? Tell us in the comments below!

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