Typographic calendar made in Spain

There are not many who master the art of lettering to the point of turning it into a brand image. David sandén , of swedish origin he was born in gothenburg, although he grew up in valencia, spain, controls the art of turning. Letters into illustrations and logos, of transforming words into authentic works of art traced or handdrawn in the style of old school. For him, the beauty of lettering lies in mastering the technique until achieving a unique and. Spectacular result he is a lover of imperfections and his style moves away from the clean and pure lines of vector design that currently covers the great spheres of design.


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The lettering becomes a logo by the hand of david image manipulation service sandén 1 the lettering becomes a logo by the hand of david sandén 2 david sandéns lettering, despite being strongly influenced by handmade calligraphy, draws from many other sources that are easy to distinguish in his work, such as the street culture of the 1980s, largely related to skateboarding street art the characteristic psychedelia of the 60s punk music and culture, and type designers of the 1950s and 1960s. The creative and artistic influences that dominate his projects turn his work into a subject in constant experimentation, which. Has led david sandén to work for different agencies and brands around the world, belonging to. Fields as disparate as the film industry, packaging, image brand, hospitality, music or clothing brands.

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The flexibility of david sandén s work allows CXB Directory him to work in fields such as typography design, illustration or lettering applied to all kinds of projects. Let’s look at two examples, one in which the simplest form is the whole form and one in. Which it is the separate shapes. In the bluefox logo, emergence takes precedence because it is easier to understand the composition. As a recognizable animal silhouette rather than focusing on the specific triangles, diamonds, and lines. On the other hand, the lmad logo is more easily understood as three overlapping triangles. Because the combined form does not create a simplified, recognizable shape. This is why kisadesign emphasizes this interpretation with separate colors for each triangle.

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