Tweetdeck Will Disappear on May 7

Too, As reported by the pakistan phone number list social network. Twitter on may 7 tweet decks will stop working. Moreover,  In its versions for android. Phone and air. In may 201. Twitter acquired the tweet deck tool. As well as, For 40 million dollars with. The aim of improving the social network service for its users. Said application. Likewise, As of may 7 in its versions for ions. Air and android will be removed from their respective. Virtual stores according to the official tweet deck blog. The reason for this strategy is because twitter. Equally, Will focus on modernizing its versions. How to keep in touch with your co-workers while working remotely this does not mean that it will disappear completely, the company will develop new applications. For the last 18 months, as reported on the blog.

Disney Magazine Formed His First Design

While this is going on, the Pakistan Phone number  has not mentioned anything about the disappearance of this tool on desktops (Mac, pc). Again, With the aim of promoting business strategy through the design and innovation of communication models, the company dandle design group appears. The Mexican designer. Equally, Eduardo dandle Ruiz, announced his new project entitled dandle design group, which will offer a highly specialized offer under the following firms: dandle design (branding, communication and editorial design); ultra red (design shop); OnixMedia (digital media laboratory); and onyx apps (mobile application incubator)  Eduardo dandle, considered one of the 20 greats of Mexican design according to a! Disney magazine formed his first design studio Eduardo dandle design 23 years ago.

Than 200 Awards for His Design Work in Countries

Pakistan Phone Number List

Currently, thanks to its pakistan phone number list innovative. Design concepts his firm is one of. The most recognized in the world. As it has offices in new york. Monterrey and buenos aires. Likewise, eduardo dandle has won more than 200 awards. For his design work in countries in the americas. Europe and asia. Among his recent projects is being co-founder of reported indigo and in 2009 he founded OnixMedia, with the aim of developing digital media. According to Eduardo, dandle design group was born to enhance the business strategy of its clients through the design and innovation of communication models, brands, media and digital platforms. Said project, which seeks to offer a multiplatform concept for its clients, began operations in Mexico City in January of this year.

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