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If you take these steps and follow a well-defined marketing plan, you’ll be well on your way to online success. Speaking of success, check out our great post on how online-focused companies can achieve long-term success. Crowdsourced evaluation methods to rank software applications to select the best clustered search results. Products sold in the market files available on the web songs in online music stores image in gallery etc.

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Search result clustering problem The reason for using clustered search results is to address. Queries that may return a large number of response items. We were told that automatic clusters, generated by an Bahrain Phone Number not always produce high-quality clusters. In response, manual evaluation and refinement of clustering results by experts can improve. Clustering search results as a solution The process behind the patent involves creating an improved. Crowdsourced evaluation system and improving cluster search results in a scalable manner.

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It starts with the system using various clustering algorithms to generate a set of clusters for a query. Cluster search results The workers will interact with the user interface that presents the cluster result sets. The workers to receive evaluations Bahrain Phone Number for each cluster set from these workers independently of other groups. Including rating given Time spent providing ratings Access to other information etc.

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