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Learn about other recent mobile updates to inform your customers. 5. Customer timeline and featured search Traders tend to be on the go, which means they need to access information, take note of events, and execute tasks from wherever they are. To better equip your customers, we’re releasing two new updates to the Shopify mobile app: Customer Timelines – A productivity tool that allows merchants to view detailed customer histories, write notes and comments for specific orders, draft orders, and make transfers. Although already present in the Shopify web admin, this feature has now made its way to the Shopify mobile app. Spotlight Search: iPhone’s Spotlight search field helps users quickly find anything on their device and on the web.

Merchants can now use the phone search bar to easily find products, customers, collections and orders from the convenience of their iOS mobile device. Set up your customers in the Shopify mobile app. See how BFCM unfolds 6. Celebrate with the BFCM Dashboard what’s new: live board Our final announcement is a celebratory Qatar WhatsApp Number List showing of BFCM sales figures from dealers. Our final announcement is a celebratory showing of BFCM sales figures from dealers. We created a live BFCM dashboard called Shopify Data Stories, a single real-time view of sales around the world. The dashboard is a visual representation of what’s selling, who’s selling the most, and a comparison of what consumers around the world are buying. This is our own version of soccer match scoring (or insert the sport of your choice).

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Thanks to Shopify and its partners, small and medium-sized businesses around the world are a big part of BFCM, which means the big box stores no longer own the game. Celebrate with your customers as you watch the numbers unfold. Last year, Shopify processed more than half a million orders per minute at the peak of BFCM. Where do you think the peak will come this year? Visit the dashboard and share it with your customers. does not end here This concludes our fourth product update, just in time for BFCM. But we want to continue to help you serve your customers better, which means we’ll continue to post product updates in an effort to better educate you about the Shopify platform and the new tools that will be available. Be sure to read the previous.


Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Do you have questions about these updates? Let us know in the comments below! This opens up opportunities for apps to use this space.  For files and images that aren’t directly associated with a product.  Including images used in themes. Learn more about the Files API in our documentation.  Theme editor improvements To allow merchants to take advantage.  Of these improvements and updates, and to make it easier for developers to navigate. We’ve also made substantial improvements to the theme editor. Instead of having to drill down into different sections.  The editor now displays a tree view of all the content on a page in the sidebar. From this sidebar, merchants can hide most blocks. With the exception of the header and footer. Which may contain blocks that can be moved or hidden, but cannot be hidden).

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These changes allow merchants to easily update the hierarchy of a page. Shopify Online Store – A GIF of the updated theme editor, showing how sections can be easily moved around. The updated theme editor in action. Liquid inlet adjustment An additional update to the theme editor is the new.  Liquid input settings that will allow merchants to add custom.  Code to pages directly from the editor. The Liquid configuration is similar to the.  HTML configuration type, except that it will allow access to Liquid variables, which means merchants will be able to access global and template-specific Liquid objects. This setup will reduce the need for merchants to manually change a theme’s code, especially when adding code for apps that use Liquid.

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