Top Techniques for Creating Engaging Videos

Want to keep your viewers engaged with your videos? You’ve got less than 8 seconds to hook ‘em before they click to another screen. So how can you keep your viewers’ attention? Put on your ceremonial robe and enter the circle, we’re about to initiate you into the secrets of hooking viewers and keeping them on the edge of their seats. Read on to Ecuador WhatsApp Number List learn how you can make your videos more engaging and keep your audience watching. illustration of woman pulling laptop out of a hat Discover the magic of hooking viewers with your videos! Illustration by OrangeCrush. These are the key aspects.

Deliver Your Hook in the Beginning

You need to pay attention to if you want to make an engaging video: Content Emotion Filming and editing 1. Content — In medias res Sounds like Latin to you? It is. It means starting “in the middle of things.” Don’t start with a drawn-out intro or bumper, cut to the chase, then show your intro or bumper. Begin with the intense drama or the completed result, then go back and tell them how you got there. Start with a hook illustration of pirate with a hook for a hand All you need is the right hook. Design by miremi_design. Deliver your hook in the beginning of your video. Viewers are used to clicking through mediocre content until they find what they’re looking for, so let them know they’re in the right place so they can stop searching.

Best Solution—your Product

Ecuador WhatsApp Number List
Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

Tell them what you’re going to do in the video and what they can expect from watching it. You can say it directly, or do it in a problem/solution type story where you present a problem or pain-point you know your customer has, then present them with not just a solution, but the best solution—your product or service! Make it shareable A cute puppy falling asleep, a hilarious comedy bit, a person jumping across an abyss—what do all of these have in common? They’re shareable. That’s because they’re cute, funny, entertaining or shocking. Make the question “Would I share this with my friends?” your mantra when coming up with video ideas.

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