The Power of Community

These same benefits can also apply to your business. Therefore, By viewing ‘community’ as part of your growth strategy, you’ll find opportunities to increase referrals, establish thought leadership and gain insight into key business challenges. Grow your business with the Shopify Partner Program Whether you offer web design and development services or want to build apps for the Shopify App Store, the Shopify Partner Program sets you up for success. Join for free and get access to revenue sharing opportunities, developer preview environments, and educational resources. Register Four types of communities to grow your business How do we define community within the context of business and what types of communities are we talking about? Therefore, The after-hours group of co-workers who have beers every Thursday is a community.

The online forum where customers solve their own problems and share product information is a community. The monthly breakfast meeting of local business owners is a community. Each of these are an example of the types of communities Argentina WhatsApp Number List that could exist within or around your company. More specifically, however, there are some types of communities that are more commonly recognized and associated with business. 1. Professional development organizations are some of the more “classic” business communities. These include groups like Toastmasters, the famous organization for people interested in improving their public speaking skills. These types of communities tend to focus on developing skills that can be applied to career advancement.

How Business Networks Can Nurture

You may find that these communities are an easy way to build relationships with others who are looking to improve the same areas of their professional skills. Therefore,  Professional networking organizations tend to be the traditional mixer that some people love/hate, based on their bias toward networking. These include organizations like BNI, whose focus is helping businesses develop referral relationships with other businesses in their area. These tend to be regionally oriented and aimed at people whose only goal is referral marketing. 3. Industry associations Industry associations tend to be a great source for staying on top of the latest trends/opportunities within your industry.


They often have some sort of membership requirements and fees. But may also offer discounts on commonly needed services or events. These communities tend  very event.  Whether in the form of networking or professional education through.  Panels and presentations specific to their industry. A classic example is the American Marketing Association. Meetings Meetups tend to be a bit more of an organic community run.  By an independent organizer with a focus on a particular topic. The in-person nature of them lends itself to a more regional focus. But often these meetings are part of a larger organization that facilitates logistics across multiple chapters. Therefore, A great example is the Shopify Meetup series that has spawned events.  In major cities around the world, bringing together Shopify partners, merchants, and enthusiasts.

Four Types of Communities to Grow

You may also in: How to host a Shopify meeting. Digital vs physical communities One of the biggest evolutions within the community world is the ability to expand beyond in-person participation. Social networks, forums, hangouts and other digital technologies have enabled the growth of online communities that far outstrip that of physical communities. Although the connections may not necessarily be as deep, either way is an equally viable source for the community. In fact, you may find that online communities serve as a better means of meeting like-minded people as your interests become more and more specific. It can be difficult to assemble a group of 50+ people with the same passion for “anime-inspired UI design” in your local town as you might find online.

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