The Power of Brand Storytelling Through Design

Brand storytelling evokes an emotional reaction, while also incorporating facts about a business. We’ve moved way past the traditional marketing technique of stating, “Our product is the best, therefore you should buy it!” Now, people want to Norway WhatsApp Number List know why it’s the best, how it’s produced and who are the creators behind this product. Why do they want to know? Because people love a good story. Brand stories don’t have to be overly elaborate. Aim for simple, yet meaningful. Folks love a memorable narrative that captivates their attention. Whether you are a first time entrepreneur, in the preliminary stages of your business or preparing yourself for a rebrand.

Tying the Idea and Image Together

Storytelling can enhance the way your audience engages with your product or business. Here’s how you can harness the power of brand storytelling through design. Branding is all about storytelling — colorful brand identity design Storytelling and design work closely together to tell you brand’s story. Brand identity design by wilndr. Branding is both an idea and an image that people have of a product, service, or company. Storytelling affects your audience by tying the idea and image together—in a visceral way. Champion a story to get folks talking about your business.

People Remember Great Stories

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Remember, oral histories and folklores withstood time because communities loved sharing the narratives. With a good story, your audience moves from being admirers to habitual consumers who speak highly of your business and truly believe in you. That said, storytelling can even alleviate marketing expenses by boosting word of mouth. People remember great stories and also great design. Branding works best when a company’s name. logo and visuals trigger a combination of emotional and physical reactions that evoke feelings of how a business should make them feel. For instance, when you see the Starbucks siren logo, you should have a physical craving for their coffee and an emotional connection.

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