The power of women in Social Media

In Bahamas WhatsApp Number List, women lead the consumption of technology, at 67% versus 43% for men. Santiago, Chile.- all the figures say it, women have empowered ourselves in areas that used to be almost exclusively for men. And not only do we manage those areas well, but we have taken charge of them. Thus, male domination of technology is a thing of the past. We women have found our voice through social media and we no longer only decide what to buy at home, but we do it everywhere, of course with the help of our smartphone or our tablet. According to Jenni Hogan, a well-known American journalist and entrepreneur, women are much more powerful even than she thinks. As she pointed out in an interview with Hootsuite, “women are super users of technology being busy, working mothers. Women, without knowing it, are leaders in that area.

Thus, Male Domination of Technology

Tech companies should integrate women into the discovery process, rather than coming out with a Bahamas WhatsApp Number List product and telling them “This is the way we think it’s going to work great for you.” there are a lot of brilliant women out there and if the companies would just listen to what they are saying, we could find some exciting prizes that would help a lot of people in the future” says Hogan. In Chile and Latin America, other surveys have been carried out that support the trend. The main one, which took place last year, was in charge of a company that distributes various brands of smartphones and indicates that women lead the consumption of technology, by 67% versus 43% for men.Advertising on social networks in Mexico is the favorite online platform to interact with consumers, only in the last year it grew 164 percent.

Tech Companies Should Integrate Women Into the Discovery

Bahamas WhatsApp Number List

According to the latest study of online advertising investment carried out by iamb Bahamas WhatsApp Number List. But do brands really listen to users? According to albert Álvaro murphy, director of digital frisk, I can interrupt you to talk about my brand? Obviously not because consumers are going to ignore you, so why do you do it on social networks? Currently, the crowd ratio tool allows you to know. who is talking about related topics. so you know who needs your product or service. said the specialist during. the fourth national marketing congress.

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