The Origins of 7 Graphic Symbols We Use Everyday

We use thousands of symbols every day. We use them to communicate information and express emotions when we can’t find the words to describe our feelings. Symbols are pictures we use to tell stories, in business and life—and design. The Origins of 7 Graphic Symbols We All Use Today Illustration by OrangeCrush In the India WhatsApp Number List design world, a symbol is a combination of graphic elements that can be used to represent a brand’s identity, communicating its story and influencing the way it is perceived by consumers. But how often do we consider the origins behind the graphic symbols we see everyday?

Designers Can’t Get Enough

In this article we’ll explore the history behind seven of the most widely-used graphic symbols. Understanding what a symbol is really all about can help you use it more strategically in your own work or in your company’s branding materials. But The ampersand — Designers can’t get enough of the ampersand (&). Then ampersand symbol The ampersand in the streets. Via Max Anderson. They dedicate books, blogs and fonts to the pretzel-like symbol. In his book, Just My Type, Simon Garfield called an ampersand “a tirelessly entertaining character, perhaps an uncle with too many tricks.

Ampersand Is All About Togetherness

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For designers, the symbol is an invitation to adventure, an opportunity to express creativity and play around. Tobias Frere-Jones nailed it in an article for Fast Company: “The ampersand is a dinosaur. It should have gone extinct a long time ago but has survived nonetheless. Visually, it’s a loner … usually, letters help to form one another, by setting precedents and providing contexts, but the ampersand doesn’t receive any of that support. That makes it hard to draw but, at the same time, opens an unusually large window for experimentation and risk.” The ampersand is all about togetherness. Think partnership, ties and wedding rings.

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