The Fix: Use Interesting

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We hope it will help you take the leap and follow your dreams.Seeing the increase in the number of uninstalls of your app is always a daunting experience. When you build your app and know it could be useful to merchants, the experience Nigeria WhatsApp Number List is even more harrowing. There are several reasons why marketers might decide an app isn’t for them, but if you’ve confirmed that it works well and that its features are in demand, it’s likely that your app’s user interface is the cause of app churn. customers. In fact, 38 percent of people will stop engaging with a website if they find the content and design unappealing.

Text to Keep Them Interested

The good news is that even if front-end development and design aren’t your strong suits, there are simple solutions that can be applied to your app’s UI that will prevent them from clicking the dreaded trash can icon. After testing many apps and taking into account the experiences of merchants, here are some of the biggest app interface issues that can be fixed today. You may also be interested in: How to Create a Shopify App in a Week. 1. Problem — Painful charging experiences Even the most patient person hates waiting. Depending on how your application is configured and the user’s Internet connection, a long page load time is sometimes unavoidable. Staring at a loading bar as it fills isn’t a very entertaining experience, and there’s a reason the Mac wait cursor is more commonly known as the spinning wheel of death.


In fact, users hate loading times so much that it’s enough for them to give up. When asked about expectations and abandonment.  47 percent of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.  And 40 percent abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. The Fix: Use Interesting Text to Keep.  Them Interested Similar to how real-life waiting rooms.  Are filled with newspapers and magazines.  Filling wait times with interesting words and images can alleviate impatience. You can see this strategy applied in popular web apps like Canva and Slack. The former displays inspirational quotes related to creativity.  During the image download process, and the latter allows organizations.  To enter user sayings or inside jokes on upload screens.

The Solution: Use Shopify App

If you add a bit of fun or information to the text on your loading screen.  Users of your app will be less likely to lose patience and opt to uninstall it. app UI Canva Example of Canva’s loading screen during image download.  Problem — Context switch Making users jump between seemingly.  Unrelated screens can create a visual and mental key to your users’ onboarding flow. Making users jump to screens outside of Shopify Admin not only makes the app feel disconnected from the Shopify experience. It also leads to associations with spammy popups.  And no app developer wants with that!  The Solution: Use Shopify App Bridge and Polaris By making.  Your app appear directly in Shopify Admin, with the same colors and styling as the rest of Shopify.  Users will get a sense of familiarity with your app. Shopify.  App Bridge allows you to embed your app in the admin.

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