The End Goal What Is the Ultimate Goal for Users Who Visit Your Website?

Getting users to convert is key ; whether it is data collection, product purchase or content download. Accompany them on a path free of obstacles and without the possibility of getting lost. As long as it’s like this, they’ll come back. Has it happened to Armenia WhatsApp Number List to you too that you show the ux pyramid to a client and you feel déjà vu ? That is because we have been with this for so long that it becomes repetitive, however, outside our world, the importance of the user experience on a website does not seem to be understood.

It Seems Incredible

That in the middle of 2020 the ux concept is still not understood. It is true that it could be said that it is a discipline that has only just begun to take its first steps, and that is why our role is to educate our clients, colleagues and various stakeholders so that they understand what the user experience is and its benefits ; but the most important thing Armenia WhatsApp Number List interesting advantages for their work and their business. Find out if your website has a good optimization of the user experience with the ux test. Download our test ux totally free. It,is clear that the ux serves to simplify things, it is about helping the user to navigate the site easily, and accompanying them in the process to achieve the objective for.

Which They Have Visited Our Website;

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It, means making the information clearer, explaining the processes, clarifying the conditions and facilitating the choice between the different options. But let’s not take revenge on the top either, yes, it is a very noble cause, but in the end it is Armenia WhatsApp Number List a means to an end: increase sales . Let’s say that through our work we make it easier for users to achieve their goals. It may be the retrieval of information, the submission of an application, or the purchase of a product. Basically, we improve your experience to achieve your goal. Simplicity is a great value. And all this brings with it benefits; every $1 invested in ux results in a return between $2 and $100.

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