The Early Days of Createur

It’s often difficult to draw conversion conclusions without hard data, so we try to get to market as quickly as possible, where we can start testing. “Review sweeps are best limited to one or two passes at most. The longer a project goes on, the more endless the list of features can seem. Deciding on a clearly defined MVP keeps the team focused on a realistic launch milestone.” Tests “The agreed mechanics are tested on all major browsers during the project, but we do a final sweep here to make sure the target audience can use the site in their browsers. Different industries have different audiences, and your test suite should be considered accordingly. “In addition to compatibility testing, we also like to test a variety of user scenarios. Here we try to simulate as many edge-case behaviors as we can.

During a complex build, you can often become blind to your own user interface. It’s helpful to ask people who had nothing to do with the rest of the process to test your flows. Your comments will look more like a fair cross-section of your audience.” challenges along the way As with most large web development projects, the Cracka Wines Togo B2B List migration was not without its own unique challenges. Considering the likelihood of roadblocks due to unforeseen circumstances, the Createur team initially set a goal of six to eight weeks for the full domain migration. It was important to be realistic about timelines, as the migration was scheduled to launch at the start of a peak sales period.

Createur’s Most Ambitious Project

“We had to make sure the entire customer migration and new user flow was seamless, otherwise we risked losing Cracka Wines hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue,” explains Bodog. As predicted, unforeseen circumstances arose. Two of the three unique features that were critical to the migration had longer development times than expected. After considering the UX penalty and revenue without these features, it became more realistic to target a later release. “Cracka Wines has a long history of setting ambitious goals, but it’s very important to feel comfortable not meeting those goals when delay results in a better product,” explains Bodog.


Aim high, but keep your cool with setbacks when your dreams prove too ambitious. The calm cannot be exaggerated. Aim high, but take it easy on setbacks when your dreams prove too ambitious. Bodog Olah, Creator Below is a summary of the three key features that the team at Createur ambitiously sought to integrate for Cracka Wines. Shopify Plus Partner Createur: Cracka Wines Key Features 1. Multi-step authentication Multi-step authentication maintains authentication external to Shopify, without the need to reset passwords within Shopify. By using an authentication token known only to the connection software.  Shopify allows users with matching credentials to sign in as if they had an existing Shopify account.

Createur’s 6-step Process for Migrations

This turned out to be one of the biggest challenges of the project. Because Cracka Wines has a customer database of hundreds of thousands. With such a large database, it was impractical to take the site offline for the time. It would take to fully migrate each customer account. Therefore, the process had to organized in several phases.  Keeping the existing site online with all capabilities. Fix: Shopify Plus’s multi-pass sign-in feature. The team to use single sign-on (SSO) between the legacy site and the Shopify development store. The biggest benefit of this feature was not requiring more than 250,000 customers to reset their passwords when migrating.

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