The Duotone Effect: What It Is and Create a Duotone Design

Duotone” is a fun word to say. There’s an inherent musicality to its many vowels, its rolling pitch and its short syllables. But it’s also a word that tends to be synonymous with “trendy. A word that is sometimes paired with an eyeroll. Duotones El Salvador WhatsApp Number List Duotone illustration by OrangeCrush While duotones are a modern trend, the duotone effect has a long history in design. And despite its limited color scheme, it can have hundreds of incarnations. From the understated to the eclectic, and has unlimited creative potential to offer designers and their projects. With all that riding on a two color scheme.

Meaning Double, and “tone

We’re going to walk you through doing duotone design right. What is duotone design? — Duotone design refers to creations that are made up of two contrasting colors. Much like what it describes, the word “duotone” has two parts: “duo,” meaning double, and “tone,” meaning color. In photography, toning is the process of recoloring grayscale images, and duo-toning describes doing so with two colors—replacing the darks with one and the lights with another. 1967 Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix duotone poster by Clifford Charles Seeley 1967.

Incarnation of the Duotone

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El Salvador WhatsApp Number List

Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix duotone poster by Clifford Charles Seeley for The Fillmore The history of duotones Duotones have existed for as long as there have been cameras. In the nineteenth century, the most common incarnation of the duotone. Effect was the sepia photograph. Where various shades of brown coloring were used partially as a preservative and partially to warm up the severe appearance of the grayscale humans of the Industrial Age (who, as photographic evidence suggests, were incapable of smiles). Sepia tones were so common.

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