The Defender of the Eight-foot Gate Nothing has changed for more than

Million film and television novel. It tells the story of three strangers from three ethnic groups.Who both plead for the death of a stranger who cannot speak. Straight ball confronts the issue of abolition.The judges unanimously agreed to give the first prize. And after winning the award.Film and television has been started.

A wonderful combination Senegal Phone Number aboriginal public defender over 50 years old and a substitute youth from a family an indonesian girl who believes in islam and tries to find herself from her faith. Three strangers, three ethnic groups.Plead for the life of a stranger who can’t speak.

The author, Tang Furui, graduated from

The law department and worked as a lawyer for five years. He changed the track to create smooth sailing.Hecause he learned the way of creation from the training of lawyers.And at the same time he held the determination to.Write the most controversial topics.He said that this work was written to be filmed.That the concept of the .

Have a strong desire to create

Senegal Phone Number

lawyer disappointed with the law and found that justice can only be achieved in words? His answer is straightforward.Video text is to take over issues that reality is difficult to deal with. When people can’t see or don’t want to see show themSociety has its shape. The layers of nets screen out some people who want to climb up. And

I saw something interesting and thought.Like this I can’t be the only one who knows. I will show you the things that are not seen.What did you see. Lawyer.Dut he always challenges the law in words. Igrant murder case as a public defender. Abdul-adl.An indonesian fisherman.Killed three members of the former with a knife in bachimen. The unfortunate coincidence is that the victim is tong baoju’s clan.Three ethnic groups.Plead for the life of a stranger who can’t speak.


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