The creative process in graphic designers

In graphic design, creativity is the art of creating impactful visuals from content and a clients brief . Although creativity is a quality more present in some, it is a quality that can be developed for all. Thanks to a working method, we carry out the different steps to arrive at a creative process. There is nothing magical about this approach We share with you the method developed in our graphic design studio to create visuals.

This method is not unique and several similar approaches can be used. It can even be adapted for other creative projects photography, writing, crafts, music, etc.. 1. Who Who What When Where Why Like the 5Ws used by journalists, these questions are relevant in a creative process.


Conceptualization and verbalization.

In communication, the “WHO” remains the most photo background removing important question, because it determines to whom the message is addressed. Putting yourself in the shoes of the recipient is the first step for a successful visual. By representing ourselves as the main user, we imagine their perception of the brand and their starting point when it comes to receiving the message. Graphic designers are rarely the target clientele for their creation .

We must avoid creating with our biases so as not to limit the impact of the message. In marketing, the use of personas is common to properly target strategies. This approach is also useful in graphic design. 2. Client brief A true blank page does not exist in graphic design. There are always technical specifications and things to consider.

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Research and inspiration.

Whether its corporate colors, brand fonts, or CXB Directory a family of visuals to pursue, the end product must have a connection to an organization. Beyond the graphic standards guides, the technical specifications specific to the creation medium must also be considered. We dont create in the same way for the screen or the print. If printed, what is the format The printing method The number of colors to respect If its on screen, is it for mobile or the big screen What technology will be used Is it a hybrid screenprinted use During the briefinitial, several questions must be asked to better define the project.

The keywords used by the client are essential for inspiration throughout the creative process. It is important to refer to it regularly. All these parameters are not constraints. On the contrary. They are the ingredients that the graphic designer will have at his disposal for his creation.

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