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Unlike other platforms where you pay per course. Skillshare offers a subscription service that allows you to access all of.  Their courses for a fee of $15 per month, or $8.25.  Per month if you commit to an annual subscription. Course.  How to Price Your Design Jobs and Get Paid on Time. Specifically for artists, designers, illustrators.  And sign makers (but generally applicable to entrepreneurs of all kinds. This course describes the worksheet the instructor uses to price.  The projects they take on. The course helps you identify his level of experience. Teaches you how to write a proper quote for clients.  And shows you how to bill like a pro. Perfect For: Freelancers Rating: 153 positive reviews out of 157. Students: 1,502 Course: Shopify Essentials for Web Developers.  From Store Setups to Custom.

Themes Taught by our very own Shopify Plus Partner Kurt Elster of Ethercycle.  This course describes how to set up, design, build.  And customize a Shopify eCommerce store. The class project for this course enables you to launch.  Your first Shopify development store with a basic customizable theme. And shows you how to modify it Saint Lucia B2B List based on the most common requests Kurt receives.  From his customers. Perfect For: Agencies Rating.  147 positive reviews (of 149) Students: 3,737 Course.  How to make applications without programming experience.  This course claims to provide “the fastest way to learn to code and start marking up industry standard applications”. Created by London App Brewery, the content is aimed at beginners.  With no coding experience, and one of their projects will teach.  You how to create a shakeable dice app for iOS.

Learn How to Create High-quality

Perfect For: App Developers Rating: 52 positive reviews (out of 53) Students: 4,382 Course: Affiliate Marketing Without Competition If you’re looking to establish yourself as an affiliate marketer and stand out from the competition, this course aims to help you do just that. You’ll learn how to choose the right affiliate product or service to endorse, how to promote it effectively, and how to start generating sales. This course has no completed projects posted by students, but it looks like a great starting point for anyone interested in affiliate marketing. Perfect For: Affiliate Marketers Rating: 6 positive reviews (out of 6) Students: 478 You may also be interested in: 8 Easy Ways to Master Lifelong Learning in the Web Design and Development Industry.


continuous learning lynda Lynda focuses on helping “anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.” In addition to focusing on people, Lynda offers organizational memberships so entire teams and businesses can take advantage of her online course portfolio. Lynda also offers subscription-based plans, from $19.99 to $29.99 per month, with a free trial to try it out first. Unfortunately, Lynda doesn’t have a very good course rating system, so with the exception of “views,” it’s hard to rate the quality of each individual course. Course: Self Employed Basics If you are thinking of transitioning to freelancing, or have recently done so, you may want to check out this course. The instructor highlights how to maximize your resources, refine your portfolio for client presentations, and estimate costs so you’re not caught off guard.

How to Price Your Design Jobs

Perfect for: Freelancers Views: 639,944 Course: Workflow Tools for Web Developers Learn about various browser tools that will make your development workload more efficient. That includes tools to help you analyze and test your code, text editors, and shortcuts to automate repetitive tasks. You’ll learn how to inspect HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and use front-end preprocessors and frameworks, among other things. Perfect for: Agencies Views: 55,630 Course: Become an Android Mobile Application Developer A specially promoted Lynda product, this course brings you 24 hours of video tutorials from three senior application developers. She will learn the skills needed to build Android apps and the recommended tools she can use to build them, including Android Studio.

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