The Brainstorming Process

As Luc said. We do not support someone who will argue just because, but someone who will challenge him to defend his ideas. In fact, Luc recommends that he sometimes even invite people based on their Enneagram personality type, and he may want to include someone who is a Challenger. The Scribe : Someone should be in charge of recording all the ideas and thoughts that come up throughout the session. This person can also contribute ideas, but his focus should be on information gathering. 2. Place You can’t be creative in a non-creative space. Give yourself room to breathe and choose a place that the team does not regularly use for meetings or normal work. This may involve renting a room at a local conference center or hotel, or moving to a different floor in your office (if you have one).

It’s a bonus when you can also control the temperature in the room: you don’t want it to be too hot or too cold, but juuuuuust just right. Make sure you have a large blank wall where you can put sticky notes from your brainstorming session. If you Jamaica B2B List have colleagues who will be tuning in remotely, use a room that has a monitor so they can teleconference and have a digital document ready for them to contribute. Inform your designated scribe that you will be responsible for writing remote members’ thoughts on sticky notes so that those ideas receive the same consideration as everyone else. Needless to say, it’s great when everyone can be in the same room together, but sometimes that’s not possible, so make sure you’re prepared to make them feel included.

Break the Ice

Timing is also important. My recommendation is to set aside the week: pick a Monday (when people are refreshed and ready to dive in) or a Friday (when people are getting ready and finishing their to-dos for the week). First thing in the morning is my preference. Make sure everyone is fed and watered. You will need to determine how long your brainstorming session will last so that you can reserve the room accordingly. Consider an hour for a micro session, three to four hours for a medium-sized discussion, and a full day for a larger project. 3 things When it comes to creative brainstorming, lo-fi is key. This is old-fashioned technology to keep people from being distracted and help them access more creative parts of their brains. Here are some items you’ll want to have on hand in your meeting room.


Chairs – Make sure they are comfortable and set up ahead of time, either in a U-shape, a circle, or in smaller groups. White boards or graph paper: Let people write with their hands. Writing takes longer than typing, allowing people to think more critically and creatively about the ideas they are formulating. And of course, don’t forget the whiteboard markers or felt tip pens. Post-it Notes: 3 x 5-inch post-it notes are the perfect size to fit a thought; nothing more and nothing less. Make sure you have enough extra pens or permanent markers for each person in the room. Dot Stickers – After the initial brainstorming session, it’s often helpful to have small colored circle stickers for people to vote on their favorite ideas. Consider giving each person a maximum of two stickers (or “votes”) per brainstorming sprint, and distribute them accordingly.

Establish Rules of Engagement

Timer – This can be a physical clock or an app to help the facilitator keep things on track. Refreshments – You don’t want people to have to leave the room for a drink or snack, and you also don’t want people to go hungry in the middle of your session. Bring some drinks and snacks to fill people up during brainstorming. Pro Tip : Luc has a “Brainstorming Facilitation Kit” ready at all times: a clear box filled with markers, sticky notes, and stickers so you’re never rushed if a session pops up on the go. Facilitator Training Your job as a facilitator is to get other people’s ideas, not your own. You may not always be the perfect candidate to facilitate a brainstorming session, but facilitation skills can be useful in many aspects of your life. You’ve probably been a facilitator more times than you think.

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