The author Yoshihiro Yoshihiro often gives people such an impression

The author Yoshihiro Yoshihiro often gives people such an impression as being lazy. Loving to suspend publications, not doing a proper he card grabbing in the Greed Island chapter, the cannibalism in the Chimera Ants chapter, and the struggle for the throne, mostly originate from this. hunter_2 “Hunter” Chapter 1 “The Day of Departure”, published by Dongli Publishing House The story describes the protagonist Xiaojie Fulisi looking for his father, Jin Fulisi, and became very interested in his father’s occupation – hunter. He embarked on a journey to meet a series of encounters with friends, enemies and partners. Just as each of us has dreams an

As Jigashi said “different things have different collection

Methods”, fighting is at best one of the means to obtain prey, and it may not be the most Portugal Phone Number effective method. Transactions, negotiations. Information exchanges, auctions,  Readers often have to read it several times and experience it carefully before they can see the truth.

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Even if Hunter is now on hiatus, the wealth of intelligence

And dialogue in these stories will keep readers rereading. Hunter_4 “Hunter” Volume 10. published by Dongli Publishing House For  In his personal conversation with Masashi Kishimoto (author of another best-selling work . He mentioned that ” Even if you don’t like the works, you have to make time to read them all. The works you like, the works you hate. The works that the readers accept, and the works that the readers  accept. I think this allows you to look at the works more objectively.”

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