That Is Directly Related to the Number of Conversions

It is this user experience. The ux honeycomb a critical part of the user experience is ux design , that is, the process of designing the elements of a brand with which the user acts , with the aim of offering the best experience. In this sense and after passing through google, ux professional peter morville created the ux honeycomb , highlighting each Belarus WhatsApp Number List facet he believes is key in user experience design. Honeycomb ux-design helpful – is your product or website useful in any way? The more useful, the better the experience. Usable . Easy to use. If it’s too complicated or confusing to use, you lose. Usability is measurable and necessary (but it’s not the only thing that matters).


Our quest for efficiency must be tempered by an appreciation of the power and value of image, identity , branding, and other elements of emotional design. Findable. We must strive to design navigable websites and searchable objects, so that users can find what they need. Accessible. Web accessibility is not only vital for people with special needs, but it must also Belarus WhatsApp Number List be taken into account in any type of design so that users of any location, age or condition are able to carry out their tasks successfully. Credible . Websites must be credible, knowing the design elements that influence whether users trust and believe what we tell them. Valuable. Our sites must offer value to our end users. For nonprofits, the user experience must advance the mission.

In the Case of For-Profit Organizations,

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To achieve each component of the ux honeycomb and create attractive products. UX, designers follow the following scheme:-research : the success of your website. Is, focused on how users see it, you must know. How, they think and what they feel about it. Sites and apps often conduct user surveys and create ux buyer personas as part of Belarus WhatsApp Number List their research to fully understand their customer. Planning : once you have obtained all the information of your users, use that data to direct the planning and the strategy behind the creation of the web product. For this you can use wireframes, prototypes or customer journeys . Testing : anticipate! Go doing tests and tests to validate that the products you have designed obtain the expected conversions from the defined personal ux.

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