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If you’ve never used one before, a Gantt chart is a simple two-dimensional schedule that outlines the anticipated timeline of your client’s project. They are more suitable for jobs that last a few months. Unlike the WBS, Gantt charts are generally used for customer-facing situations, as they only show the project deliverables and timelines for completion, not mentioning cost information. The structure of a Gantt chart is relatively simple: deliverables are arranged in the leftmost column of the chart, while the top row is used to illustrate the project time frame on those deliverables. The time frame is organized by deliverable, using the sequential order we defined earlier. This will help you organize the flow of the project and give you an idea of ​​when you need to engage certain members of your team.

Web Design Project Timeline – Gantt Chart Template Here’s a quick breakdown of the components that should always be included in your Gantt chart: Individual deliverables, their progress and their corresponding deadlines Owners/contributors of those deliverables Deadlines for individual deliverables Key milestones such as deadlines, approval dates, and comment UK Phone Number Database List period Progress notes and updates section Once you and your team are comfortable with the schedule, you should send it to your client for final approval before any work begins. They will review it and let you know if there are any problems. Once you’ve signed off on the schedule, keep your approval email on file to protect yourself from any clients who demand additional work not included in the schedule.

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While Gantt charts may be your go-to program for customer-directed emails.  They also play an important role internally to track by-product progress and anticipate cost overruns. To make your Gantt chart more useful for cost tracking. Add an additional column next to your by-products to show.  The total number of billable hours used so far by you or your individual contributors. From there, you can simply compare the Total Billable Hours.  Column to the projected schedule and budget to identify any risk of cost overruns. Simple update program Clients are busy people and.  They don’t want to waste their time searching through an email chain to find the schedule. You attached twelve emails ago, and as their consultant. You shouldn’t force them to do so. That’s why it’s your job to proactively update them on the progress of your project on a regular basis.

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When providing these updates, whether to show progress or reflect schedule changes.  You may feel compelled to provide them with a new version of the.  Gantt chart you created at the start of the project. While updating the Gantt chart is vital for your internal records.  You don’t need to share that document to schedule updates or simple check-ins. Instead of sending them your revised Gantt chart. Every time it’s which can lead to version control issues.  It’s good practice to simply include a basic version of your schedule within the email. That way, your customer can easily check for updates to your schedule and respond to your message, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Here’s an example of a simple email you could send to your client when you’ve updated their project schedule:

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Hi CUSTOMER, I just wanted to touch base regarding our project. Given the progress we’ve seen over the past few weeks, I’ve included an updated timeline for your review and approval. PROJECT NAME SCHEDULE online element Deadline Wireframe v1 EOD, May 14 Customer review/feedback 15 th of May AGENCY reviews WF, sends v2 end of the world may 16 Customer review/approval may 17th AGENCY to create copy EOD May 18 AGENCY designs v1 EOD May 22 (2 days) Customer review/feedback may 23 AGENCY reviews design, sends v2 EOD May 24 Customer review/feedback May 29 AGENCY finalizes design, sends v3 END May 30 Customer review/approval may 31 AGENCY code v1, send preview link June (2 days) Customer review/feedback 5th June AGENCY reviews, sends v2 (FINAL) June 6th Let me know if the revised timeline looks good to you.

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