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Keir Whitaker best 404 pages: keit whitakerKeir Whitaker, Marketer and Offline Developer for Shopify, has a very comprehensive error page, describing what a 404 page is, how a visitor could have gotten here, and an instructional video on how to make a Negroni, the cocktail. Keir’s favourite. An extensive number of links, including his web development blog and his podcast, round out this functional yet fun page. Customizations you can make to Shopify 404 pages If you’re modifying a theme for a client, using a default Shopify 404 page is a viable solution, as long as you’re working with an approved theme from our theme store. However, it’s worth considering how custom 404 pages could benefit your customers, as a carefully designed and branded 404 error page could open up opportunities for your customers to drive sales.

For example, a call to action button could direct customers to a specific collection, or a search box could allow them to easily find the Estonia WhatsApp Number List content they need. A 404 page is also a unique opportunity for customers to communicate with their audience, and adding some humor with suitable images can improve brand awareness. As we saw with the examples above, a fun and informative 404 page can defuse a potential pain point and redirect visitors to valuable content. With these points in mind, here are some ways to customize 404 pages for your customers. Do an Alternate Layout Template Upload for 404 Pages Very often, a 404 page will look different, compared to other pages on the site. Creating an alternate layout file for 404 pages is useful if you want to achieve this unique landing page style.

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For example, you can remove the footer or create a different type of menu. By default the layout file theme.liquidis applied to the template file 404.liquid, but this can be easily changed. The first step would be to create a copy of su theme.liquid fileinside.  Your theme’s layout folder and rename it to 404-layout. Now, you can easily remove elements from the layout file you don’t need.  Like a header or footer, adjust the H1, and customize anything you want, like title tags. Once you’re happy with this alternate layout file, you can use liquid logic tags.  To link the layout file to the template file. Make the 404 page render with this particular layout file. We would need to add a Liquid tag {% layout “404-layout” %}to the top of the template file 404. So for example your template 404 look like this.


Now any changes you make to the file 404-layout.liquidwill be applied to the 404 page. Check out our help center for more information on 404 templates. 2. Add a custom background image to 404 pages. One of the most effective methods of branding. Your customer online is with simple graphics. And a background image has become a standard feature of the 404 page. To achieve that full-screen image effect we saw in Backcountry , we can use CSS to assign a background image that is specific to our 404 page. The property background-imageallows you to overlay an image below the rest of the elements on the page. You could even use CSS to overlay multiple images within a background, which could be useful when combining logos with your background.

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The first thing you need to do is upload your desired image to Shopify, under Settings > Files, that will generate a unique URL where your image will be stored. best 404 pages: archives You would then pass to the theme’s style sheet and use the opening container class or your page ID 404.liquidas the selector, along with the CSS property background-imageand the URL as the value. This could look like this: You may also be interested in: Create an eye-catching non-rectangular header design. 3. Add a search bar to the page A search bar for quick escape is one of the most common. And effective features on a 404 page. To include a search bar on your customer’s 404 page.  You can create an HTML form with its action attributeset to /search. Within this form, you must include an input of type text with a name attributeset to q.

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